Mid-Morning Musings (accompanied by Love Heart sweets)

Tuesday, mid morning and I cannot seem to release myself out into the cold world from under my covers. There is so much I seem to feel the need to be doing, workbooks for work, uni notes and reading etc but on days like today I just cannot stay warm and feel I have to pour sympathy on myself to compensate.
Consequently, it gives me lots of time to think about all of the excitement to be coming my way in the next year or so, which I can boil down to a few bullet points:

  • Christmas with my mama and my brother in our new house. 
  • Christmas presents from J, I'm excited to see what he'll choose for me considering I gave him a list of inspiration consisting of: UGG boots with the button on, a pink camera, MAC make-up, Kim Kardashian's body, diamonds, Jack Wills perfume, love, and hugs and cuddles!
  • New Year with J, our second one together.
  • My 21st birthday - I really ought to think about what I want to do! 
  • Finishing 2nd year in Durham and passing all exams.
  • Getting promoted twice at work having worked my socks off for them.
  • And, finally, DISNEYWORLD! September 7th 2012. When you wish upon a star your dreams do come true! 
I am also eagerly awaiting the post lady. She has my GlossyBox, as I asked for it to be redelivered today. I couldn't help myself and ended up looking at various people's blog posts about what is in the box this month and it looks very exciting indeed! 

I also had a packet of giant love hearts the other day, about 60p from Tesco and couldn't help but fall back in love with their ultimate cuteness! Ah, I was sitting at my desk (working, of course!) and ended up attempting to construct flattering sentences for myself to eat, like 'Hello, Guess Who, I Love You' or 'Hello,  It's True, I Want You'. 

I think I shall go on the hunt for some Soap and Glory Cosmetics today, I still have no bank cards, what with having had my purse stolen, so it'll be a trip to the bank for some cash and then to the retail park to look in Next Home and Boots. I need to get started on the ole yuletide shopping too! 

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