Sunday Snapshot

If you're a die-hard Confetti Letters fan you may have noticed that things have been a bit quiet round here of late. I'm not neglecting my little blog at all, let me just tell you my last week in great detail for this week's Sunday Snapshot and you'll find out why...

Monday: Today I travelled from Durham to Somerset, with two suitcases in tow, through London and on two different trains. It took 7 hours door to door. Not only did I have to navigate the new layouts of Kings X and Waterloo stations, but luggage space was at a premium and that caused me no end of a hassle.
The night was characterised by getting J's room packed away and chilling out.

Tuesday: J and I received the keys to our flat today. He had to work until 2pm so I set off to the library with the good intention of writing big chunk of my final uni essay due in on Friday. That didn't go to plan though as my friend had the day off work and we ended up in Costa! Once we'd received the keys to the flat we popped back to J's old house to gather his stuff and move in wardrobes etc. There are 42 stairs from the ground floor door to our front door!

Wednesday: Today saw me start work at the restaurant where I began my McCareer. I did an 8-4 over breakfast and lunch and then met J at the bank to open up a joint account. We then went back to his old house to get ready to go out, me for drinks with the girls and he to do whatever the boys like doing. I also got home to find that one of my uni essays had deleted itself. Cue major panic and me thinking I'd have to write it all again.

Thursday: Today saw us sitting in and waiting for our telly, and then once that had arrived we hopped on the train with suitcases in tow to go to my old home and start packing my room away. I still had a good 2500 words of essay to create so I ended up sitting and working on that from 9am until 1am and then went to bed.

Friday: Today saw me getting up at 5am to finish my essay and hand it in online in time for midday. I managed, thank God, but I wasn't great for my poor eyes to be looking at the computer screen for so long! Some of J's family came down in a van to take my bed and bookcase from Devon back up to Somerset and we followed them back on the train. Once we got back to the flat we unpacked and then got ready to go of for a celebratory dinner. Much wine flowed and I ended up agreeing to go out for drinks afterwards. I have no idea what time it was when I fell into bed, but J had gone back out again and I was out like a light!

Saturday: Today saw another 5am wake up to start the 9hr journey to Southport via Manchester. I recently found out that my Grandfather has terminal cancer so I went up to see him and my Mum as she's looking after him. We sat with him in hospital for a while and then went to stay at his house for the night. Grim :'(

Sunday: Another day, another train ride. Today I'm doing the 9 hour trip back home to Somerset. I'm exhausted and emotionally bottled up (I'm definitely the Iron Lady of the family). My Mum and I had a quick walk around Southport, went for lunch and then I got on the train, so it's been a whirlwind visit up north indeed!

So that was an insight into my week. I don't have any Internet yet either so I can't join in with #bbloggers chats :( All I want to do is sleep and be looked after...but I'll be back soon when everything is all up and running :)

Hope you're all well <3

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  1. Wow busy busy Louise!

    I hope you're settling in to your new home well. x



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