#Blogmas Post 1: A Christmas Wish

Merry #Blogmas! I didn't partake in any kind of festive themed blogging last year and given my excitement that's building this year I have decided that I definitely would like to this year, to finish off 2014 in high spirits.

#Blogmas day 1 sees me share with you what I'd love to unwrap on Christmas day. Now, I don't know how you do it in your family, but my Mum and brother and I all swap lists of things that we'd like for Christmas and then the person buying chooses a couple of things from the list (not all!) to wrap up and place underneath the tree. This way everyone gets things that they actually want/need but there's still an element of surprise because we don't know what we're going to receive. This year has been no different, and so I've spent many hours so far gazing longingly at various items on the internet...

My mum styles herself as 'Mrs Christmas' throughout December, something that I absolutely adore, and she'll ask my brother and I to write to her with our Christmas lists. Gone are the days of circling everything in the toy section of the wishing book (a.k.a The Argos Catalogue!), now it's all about sending her links to webpages so that she doesn't have to search very far! This year I popped on a Mulberry Bayswater (forever on my wish list until I actually buy / receive one), the TooFaced chocolate bar palette, a gorgeous textured jacked from River Island with a detachable faux fur collar, some cute grey boots from New Look, Frends Layla headphones, and Benefit's Total Moisture facial cream (it wouldn't properly be Christmas unless I received something from Benefit, it's like a tradition for my Mum and I!).

My brother and I always set a budget for each other and he usually finds himself discovering the counters of beauty brands he has never really heard of in order to buy my gifts. This year I've introduced him to YSL with my wish for another tube of Babydoll mascara (a HG product of mine) and some makeup remover. He and I also share a particular love for Jack Wills as a brand and I adore the colour of this water bottle, it'll be perfect for taking to work in a bid to drink more water in the coming year. Finally, I recently upgraded my handheld gaming to a 3DS XL (in pink!) and am currently making myself a list of games to purchase. Although this is clearly aimed at tiny people I'd be so excited if James bought me this to play on boxing day!

So that's my Christmas wish list for this year, what's on yours?

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  1. such good things on your list, I'd love to get any of those too! I got a mulberry Bayswater a few years ago and they are the most beautiful bags! my sister and I do similar things and give lists so that my mum and dad can pick some things and it's still a bit of a surprise, plus by Christmas day you often forget what you even put down! I try to get my parents to give me a list but they can never decide and it makes it so much harder! I have a DSLR and some charlotte tilbury on my list! Though I did go with my parents to make sure that 'santa' got the right camera, so I have a good feeling about that one! haha :)

    Love Amylou x


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