February Empties

Another month, another lot of empties. I think I've done rather well this month, but, as ever, just as I've managed to make dents in my stash I end up purchasing more products! It's a vicious cycle...

First up, products that have been in my bathroom includes two shower gels, one by Jack Wills in their signature English Velvet scent, and the other by Soap & Glory in their Sugar Crush scent. I absolutely adore both of these products, and if I didn't have a million and one shower gels waiting to be used up I'd definitely consider repurchasing these two. 

The Elvive shampoo and conditioner I bought on a whim because the shampoo had what looked like micro glitter particles suspended in it. I can honestly say I didn't notice a change in my hair in terms of softness or shine since using these two, and I won't be buying them again. 

I will however be repurchasing the St Ives Apricot scrub. Having dry skin, I can get quite flaky (gross, right?!) and this scrub manages to remove all the dead skin wonderfully. I always feel super squeaky clean when I use it. I know you're probably not supposed to use it more than twice a week, like with most harsher scrubs, but I find that this is great for everyday use. Love it, love it, love it!

The two products at the very bottom are miniatures from Benefit's B.Right skincare range which I absolutely love, the refined facial polish, and the facial scrub. I do not have a single bad word to say about these products other than that they're pretty pricy, but I'd definitely love to buy them again. 

These empties lived in my bedroom and include the standard cotton wool I usually buy from Boots (a constant repurchase, I won't go too much in to those), my favourite candle of all time - Jelly Belly's Toasted Marshmallow (I think this tin was my 5th repurchase!), and some boring old makeup remover pads I had to pick up in a rush when I was out in town. 

I also managed to finish a bottle of brush cleanser from Estee Lauder which was amazing (but pricy, otherwise I would repurchase) and Philosophy's Hope In A Jar which I absolutely hated on account of the fact that this felt very runny, it stung my face and I didn't feel suitably moisturised using it. A big disappointment for something that cost £10 for such a small jar - it was a struggle to use it all up. Not planning on repurchasing that. 

I also finished a Carex hand sanitiser (I can't live without this stuff and have plenty in my stash to use up next), Nivea's Invisible deodorant (I don't have too much to say on this other than it worked like it should have done), a Maxfactor eyeliner (I haven't had this for a long time but was surprised to see it dry out so quickly, not planning on repurchasing this one), a trial sized Seba Med body lotion (not big enough to cover my whole body (definitely not planning on repurchasing)and a teeny tiny Enzyme Peel Mask (again not planning to repurchase). 

The final two products are moisturiser, a Lancome freebie I got in a bag of makeup I received as part of a Christmas deal and a miniature pot of my beloved Benefit Total Moisture cream. I don't think I'd buy the Lancome again, it wasn't thick enough for me, but I'm hoping the birthday fairies have granted me a big pot of Benefit's Total Moisture...here's hoping!

What have you finished up recently?


  1. wow, you used up loads ! that candle sounds amazing ,want ! x

  2. I really want to get the Sugar Crush shower gel too, but like you I have so many shower gels to get through first! xo

  3. You have finnished loads! I didnt realise it was march till I saw this! hahhaa I will do my empties on the weekend! :D www.cherrytruth2.blogspot.co.uk xx

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  5. I WANT THAT SUGAR CRUSH SHOWER GEL!!! too bad its not available in the US. But my friend from Ireland is going to get it for me! Lucky me! nice post and blog, dear! followed you for sure. hope to chat with you on #bblogger! xoxo.


  6. i HATED the hope in a jar moisturiser too! like hated it! and it stunk!!!! xxx

  7. I'm currently using the pink glitter shampoo, definitely an impulse 'pink glitter omg' buy, but using it with a nice conditioner has made my hair really nice! :)


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