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As I type this I am sitting in the University library, 8,134/10,000 words into my dissertation and drinking lots and lots of water to combat my dry lips and my need to fall asleep. (It works, seriously, drink loads and you won't be able to nap 'cause you'll need a wee all the time! Tried and tested essay writing method...!)

Just a short post to provide a small break for my brain (I can knock out a long post in hardly any time, but writing 10000 on the lack of use of autobiographical research methods in Criminology takes a lot, lot, longer) and to give you a little insight into my current life mantra. I keep telling myself this in all aspects of my life at the moment, doing lengths in the pool, writing my essays, trekking up hills.

Whatever you can apply this saying to in your life just remember one thing - never, ever give up.



  1. Great post, so jealous how far on you are with your dissertation, I've only just started mine :( Good luck with the rest of it, you're almost there!! xx


  2. very jelous of how far into your diss you are! i'm only on about 2,000! good luck with it!
    X X X

  3. Good luck with your dissertation! Sounds like your doing really well! Such a lovely quote Xx

  4. Great post! Good luck with your dissertation, it sounds like you're doing a great job. That's a really great quote, and you're really right about it - it applies to pretty much everything! It's a great thing to live by ;)


  5. Good lucky with your dissertation!! Finally got round to looking at links I was sent after Sundays #bbloggers :P loving your blog :) Iona x

  6. That's a nice, inspiring quote. Something i need to live by. :)

    Hope you do well in your diss. :)

    Your latest follower, Lauren x


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