Haulin' - Past 14 Days Purchases

I thought I'd post a little collective haul of things I've been buying over the last fortnight. As ever the lure of Boots catches me every time I walk to the bus stop, and I've made multiple trips there over the past 14 days using up some extra points vouchers that were due to expire. I now have a cool £24.95 of Boots points to be spent - whoo!

On trip number one I bought the three Boots Extracts body butters which are divine. They all smell amazing and literally melt into your skin leaving it feeling extra soft and smooth. I've been using the Cocoa Butter one the most, a way to get my chocolate fix into my day! On this occasion I also picked up the Bourjois Health Balance powder (bottom right) and this is fast becoming one of my favourite powders for sure. It gives me a nice healthy colour and doesn't dry out my skin, perfect!

Trip number two resulted in me buying my lunch and the Seventeen 'All Dolled Up Mascara'. I can't say that this is my favourite mascara ever, but it does the job fine.

Trip number three saw me pick up three more Bourjois Rouge Edition lipsticks in the shades 07 - Fuschia Graffiti, 10 - Rouge Buzz, and 12 - Rose Neon, which brings my total collection to 5. I absolutely adore these lip colours, I'm seriously considering hunting them all down and buying the lot! I also bought myself a new moisturiser, the Garnier Moisture Match for dry skin, and caved in to purchasing Benefit's Fine One One which I have also been adoring lately.

I also bought the Urban Decay Oz Glinda Palette from Debenhams online, for 10% off and free delivery making it £31.50 instead of £35. It truly is a beauty, post coming soon...

Finally, yesterday I ventured into TKMaxx and bought the 4 Philosophy shower gels for £12.50 instead of £16 (I know they're very wintery but I've never tried Philosophy bath stuff before and these are delightful). I also got the Paris Hilton for Elegant Touch nails for £2.99, they're in a style I've been eyeing up in the shops for a while but never managed to purchase (RRP £7.99), the little pink notebook with the Eiffel Tower on it (£2.99) and the Cath Kidston rose scented drawer sheets (£5.99) which are a total non-necessity but they smell so lovely I just had to have them for my underwear drawer!

So that's what I've been buying.
What have you picked up lately?


  1. The philosophy butter cookie shower gel is amazing, & I really like the 17 mascara. Do you know if the lipsticks are going to be limited edition? I love them but on my spending ban! X X X


  2. Might have to get me some of them drawer liners, sound lovely


  3. I'm desperate to try fine one one!!x

  4. fab picks... love the philosophy stuff! xxx

  5. I really need to try the Boots body butter instead of forking out for the Body Shop version! xx


  6. I'm loving this haul! I was sooo close to buying the Boujois lipsticks (about 5 of them as I love all the colours- but resisted!) I'm sure I will end up buying them. The body butters by Boots are fab I have the cocoa butter one. Lovely picks! x x


  7. This notebook is absolutely gorgeous! I really really want it! I have a weird obsession with pretty notebooks and have so many haha! Also I have a couple of the Bourjois Rouge Edition lipsticks and I'm in love with them!!

    Christina x

  8. You'll need to let us know if the Philosophy bubbles are any good. They smell so good but I have never been able to justify spending that much on bubbles, one day I no doubt will though.


  9. I have the Cath Kidston rose scented drawer sheets too! I love them, they're so pretty!



  10. Lovely haul cheeky :) Love the Glinda palette & the Philosophy shower gels sounds so good! xx


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