The 'More Affordable' Birthday Wish List

A few posts ago I put up my 'If Money Was No Object' birthday wish list. Unfortunately money is a significantly big object in my life, and I thought I'd put up another, more affordable wish list. (As it stands my birthday's only 14 days away *squeals with excitement*!)

As you can see I'm currently obsessing over all of the latest Urban Decay releases, the Flushed Palette, Naked Basics Palette and the Naked Skin foundation. I want the Naked Nails and the Naked BB cream too, but I couldn't have an entire Urban Decay wish list could I?!

I'm also absolutely adoring all of Cath Kidston's newest prints for spring. The strawberry gadget case would be a perfect house for my Nikon digital camera, and the adorable little floral pencil case would mean that all of my stationary could live in one designated place. Is it me or the more pens you own, the less you can ever find one?

I'm also always grateful whenever anyone spends the £26.50 necessary to purchase this moisturiser. It's my favourite one of all time and I absolutely adore all Benefit products. I also can't wait for the new Fake Up concealer, but that's coming out in the UK in April so I can't have it for my birthday...boo!

Finally, anyone who knows me knows that I don't actually own a pair of trousers (save my ones for work but they don't count as they're part of a uniform). I literally live in my leggings and recently spotted these on the Topshop website, how cool are they! I'd pair them with a lovely floaty white top and a statement necklace - perfect for channelling the monochrome trend that's back in fashion at the moment.

What are you lusting over at the moment?


  1. Great picks! The naked foundation is beautiful, I'm a big fan of uran decay too. :) x

  2. I bought the Naked Flushed palette last week and fell completely in love with it! It gives your skin a lovely, healthy glow perfect for the Spring/Summer months.


  3. I just got the Cath Kidston strawberry fields purse - such a gorgeous print!! x

  4. I totally would like all of the stuff on your list! Hope you are lucky and recieve some of it! x

  5. I got the Naked Basics palette for my birthday recently and I literally use it every single day, well worth it!! I'm also obsessing over the Naked Flushed palette, the palette is too cute!


  6. I love the Basics palette I'm tempted to get the Flushed as well!

  7. Love the cath kidston bits! I'm so desperate for the naked basics!! Xx


  8. I want all the new UD stuff too, hope you have a great birthday :) x

  9. all your urban decay stuff is on my birthday wishlist to. its my birthday on friday. hope you have an amzing day and get all your wishes x

  10. Love the Cath Kidston bits!

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  11. Love, love love the Cath kidston floral camera case, and pencil bag. LOVE THEM! They are to cute!

  12. I'm in love with your blog, it's so pretty!
    Great blog post, I have recently tried the Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation, and think it's fab and would love to try out these other products!

    Would love it if you checked out my new blog :) -


    Sophie x

  13. Very cute blog! Currently listing over the Modern Family OPI nail polish line! I'll be back to visit!!


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