Models Own Artstix // Jade Flakes

Let me begin by confessing that I wasn't the biggest fan of Models Own products. But that was before, much, much before I got my mitts on one of their new Artstix. And now I'm a convert...! 

Why was I orignially not a fan? Simply due to the way in which the brush works with the formula, the chipping after a few hours of application and how clunky the lid feels in my hand when I try and apply the colour from the nail polish bottle. However, this was set to change from the moment I laid eyes on the Artstix, as I've discovered that having a longer handle makes the application of this polish much more enjoyable (it's so much easier!) and chipping is, as of day two, non-existent...win!
The concept of the Artstix is great, but if you're much more clever than I am you'll have probably already paired two polishes together to make fab nail art and so these Artstix might seem a bit gimmicky to you. To be honest they're nothing new, just two of Models Own's existing nail polish creations, take the ones here for example, Jade Stone and Snow Flakes, and in turn they make 'Jade Flakes'. If you're a Models Own novice (or slight skeptic like me) then these Artstix are perfect for you to dip your toes into their sea of shades and get to grips with the brand. Priced at £6 (normal polish price £5 per bottle) you almost get two for the price of one, and, having never known anyone in my life to actually finish a whole bottle of nail polish, these smaller offerings may be better value for money in the long run. 

So yes, I am now officially a Models Own convert, oh the wonders of a longer brush handle eh?! I can only hope they will bring out more colours in Artstix form, the current range of eight is not enough for me!

What's your favourite Models Own nail polish colour?
Are you an Artstix fan?


  1. Gorgeous! I really need to try some models own polishes! xx

  2. These are exact dupes for the Revlon moon candy nail art pens, I really like the look of this! x

  3. oooh these look lovely!
    I find models own can be a bit hit and miss depending on the colour


  4. Love this! Those two polishes look so good together, might have to try it out for myself!



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