Nivea Lip Butter // Vanilla & Macadamia

Another Day another lip balm! This vanilla and macadamia lip butter from Nivea completes my owning of the trio of flavours currently available from them (they also have raspberry and caramel - mmmm). I love these little pots, it's pretty simple really. They smell divine, and I absolutely love the smell of vanilla so it's been killing me not to dive in and use this before I managed to take pictures of it! I have used it now though, and safe to report you can't go wrong with a Nivea lip butter, it makes my lips feel lovely and moisturised. I usually use this as a bit of a lip pamper treatment before bed by applying more than I usually would for a day out and about. By morning it's sunk in and I wake up with my lips feeling lovely and nourished and ready for the day ahead.

For a cool £1.49, and available quite freely in Boots and Superdrug, you just can't go wrong can you?!

Are you a lip balm enthusiast? What's your holy grail product?


  1. I love the caramel and raspberry one, but I'm allergic to macadamias so haven't tried this :( xx

  2. Just looking at the picture makes me want to try it, looks yummy! I always have the nivea hydro care stick on me for nourishing lip fixes when I'm out and about! x

  3. I have the raspberry one! I think this will be next on my list although I'm trying to downsize my lip balm collection x

  4. I keep meaning to pick one of these up, will have to try and remember too next time!

    Nyss x


  5. I LOVE these too! I have all of the flavors, and I think this one is my favorite, it smells so good!

    xo, aly

  6. These are definitely a better version of Vaselines! x

  7. I've been hearing way too many good things about this, how come I still haven't tried it?? I must and I will! Defo buying it the next time I'm shopping :)


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