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I saw this tag on Shannon's blog and thought I'd nab it for a quick insight into my blogging journey thus far...enjoy!

When did you start blogging?
I began blogging in the summer of 2011, in between my first and second year of university. You can read my first post here.

Have you had an online presence before?
Definitely, I used to have a Bebo account where I would post stickers/tags/pictures on my profile, and then I moved on to Tumblr where I treated that like my little blog. I still have my Tumblr, you can visit it here if you'd like.

Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging with Blogger because I'd seen many of my favourite Tumblr bloggers, including Holly and Emma, move platforms and it looked like fun. I always loved writing at school and as I was rubbish at art, writing was my only creative outlet so writing about things that I love kind of comes naturally to me. I was initially confused about the whole posting idea, but I guess I got the hang of it!  

When did you become serious about blogging?
How do I even answer this? I think I knew when I had become 'better' at blogging, so to speak, was when I found myself getting excited to type up my thoughts and opinions about certain things, and didn't want to leave my blog empty or neglected for days. I think that once you get past the sparse postings and post regularly then you could be 'serious about blogging'. I like to aim to post at least every other day, mostly every day in fact because it's something that I like to do. Does that make me a serious blogger? Who knows! 

What was your first post?
My first ever post was a ditzy introduction to myself and the direction I wanted my blog to go in, again you can read that here. My second ever post was a bit of a haul, and that's just been the way I've rolled ever since!

Where do you see your blog in a year?
Who knows? Things happen for a reason. The only concrete aspirations I have are for it to still be active, to have a fabulous readership and to continue interacting and engaging with as many people as I possibly can. And who knows...maybe I'll have a YouTube set up by then?

What's the most rewarding thing to you about blogging?
The most rewarding thing about blogging is the sense of community of the girls and guys behind each blog URL. I love chatting on Twitter and Instagram etc to loads of different people, you'll most probably find me at the weekly chats talking favourite products, finding new ideas and making new friends. Don't be afraid to say hello :) *Hello to you reading this right now!*

What's been the most discouraging thing to happen to you?
I guess the most discouraging thing to have happened to me so far is when I lose a follower and I have no idea who it is or why they've chosen to remove my blog from their dashboard. I know I can't make everyone follow me, or even stay with me, but sometimes I just want to ask why, everybody's different and likes different things so it'd be nice for feedback. 

What is your lasting inspiration/motivation?
It might sound cheesy but life is my lasting inspiration and motivation. All too often we may forget we have real lives to live, blogging should not consume you, or get in the way of you actually physically living. Afterall, how else can you go out and get inspiration for your posts if you do not actually live? My other big motivation is the #bbloggers, #lbloggers and #fbloggers communities, and all of the other crazy hashtags we bright bunch have come up with <3

Feel free to do this tag and leave me a comment below with your link to it, I'd love to know your blogging journey so far :) 


  1. Love reading these sorts of posts, nosey person that I am lol.
    Kirsty x


  2. Love this! Thanks for the mention lovely xo

  3. Just thought I'd say hello :-) and thank you for posting this. I do agree that blogging shouldn't consume you but I'm on it all the time, I literally love it. I found something was lacking in my little life and now I've started Blogger it's made me more positive about a lot of things. I love all the creative and happy things I read and see on here, it's inspirational and like you say it makes you want to go out and try all these products you see.

    Lots of love poppet. ❤

    1. Hello!
      Glad that blogging's made a positive contribution to your life!
      Keep motivated :)

  4. Lovely tag! Blogging is so much fun! Xx

  5. Oops, was just about to tell you I've just tagged you in this but your version is sooo different to the one I did! Really enjoyed reading this one :) xx



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