Sunday Snapshot #4

Last day at home today before I return to university for my final term as an undergraduate! I say that I'm returning for my final term but in fact I'm going back for only 2 weeks to write and hand in 4 essays (yep, the ones I should have started over this Easter holiday!) and then I shall be travelling down to Somerset to take over the keys to mine and J's new flat! We have a home :D 

Inspirational Images
All images taken from WeHeartIt

My inspiring images this week speak volumes about my home decoration tastes! Think neutral, white and clinical with a splash of floral and lots of pastel colours, mint greens, baby pinks, beige and cream and you're part way there in my brain. I can't wait to move in :-)

Seven Successful Things:
  1. Lost another 2lbs at SW this week, meaning that I hit my 1 Stone certificate :D 
  2. Travelled to stay with J this week and saw some of his family that I haven't seen since Christmas.
  3. Made some more pennies on eBay...which promptly got spent on my phone bill :-(
  4. I discovered the delights of holographic nails.
  5. I actually cooked dinner (philadelphia stuffed chicken with salad I'll have you know).
  6. I got my job (with the hint of a promotion) back in the town I left before I came to uni. Worry over!
  7. We have a house! J and I signed on a little cosy nest for when I finish uni :D 
Have you had a good week?


  1. Great stuff Love the table and chairs :)


  2. Congrats on almost finishing! I know the feeling :) I just have 3 exams between me and freedom :)


  3. Lovee your home decor ideas - especially those mr right/mrs always right cushions. congrats on signing for your house! xxxx


  4. Such lovely floral images at the top! :)
    Ooh so exciting about moving in!

  5. Congratulations on signing for your house! There's nothing like decorating your own home. :)


  6. Love your home style! Congratulations on the job and the weight and the new home! Lots of exciting things! x

  7. Wow. I really need to start organizing my make up!

    Congratulations of the job and the weight-that's fantastic!



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