Holiday, bottled.

I might, once again, be a bit late to this particular beauty party but I wanted to write about a scent I discovered today. I spritzed it on my skin and wandered around my local department store. It smelled divine and so I tweeted about it saying I couldn't wait to justify such a spend until payday (it's £45 for 100ml) and then came home. Half an hour later and I went back out of the door and hot footed it back to the beauty counter and purchased, picking up a job application form in the process. Thank (and curse) God for literally living round the corner from the shops.

And praise be to Estee Lauder to have come up with the most magical scent I think I have ever smelled, Bronze Goddess.

Bronze Goddess has everything I could possibly want in a summer scent. It smells sweet and girly, and although I'm terrible at describing smells, I keep catching the scents of coconut, vanilla and oriental flowers wafting up from my skin, which suits me down to a T. (Whether or not this perfume actually contains such notes I have no idea, but I honestly do not worry about the nitty gritty science of perfume. If it smells nice, I want me to smell of it too!)

The best bit about this perfume is that you are instantly hit with holiday memories the second you smell it. I'm currently sitting in my living room and feeling the rays of the Barbadian sun on my face as I bury my brother in the sand as a child, I'm then transported to the time as a teen when I sat by by the Dubai marina, and then to last year when I was lathering on sun cream by the lockers at Blizzard Beach water park at Disney World in Florida. Never has a perfume prompted such a retrospective trip down vacation lane for me, and since I'm not going on holiday this year, this Bronze Goddess is a very welcome addition to my scent wardrobe...

Have you smelled this magical scent? Do you indeed own it? What holiday does it remind you of?


  1. Hiya, lovely review!

    I have this and love it but I don't get coconut from it, I think I'm the only one though - Alix from I Covet Thee keeps saying it's coconutty and I can't smell that at all!!

    To me, it's very mediterranean, scorched earth, warm evenings and citrus groves.

    Rebecca x

  2. Lovely perfume I think, especially that time traveling feature, not a lot of perfumes have that! ;) x

  3. I picked this up in duty free when I went on holiday last year and I've been spritzing it all summer long. It smells amazing and reminds me so much of my holiday! I'm planning on picking up this year's version when I go on holiday in two weeks!

  4. This sounds like my kind of scent, I am going to have to look into it I think, not that I need any more perfume x

  5. Ohhhh going to find a tester of this scent and have a sniff, sounds heavenly! Good look with the job application Xx

  6. Louise this post has made me want this perfume even more! My friend Niamh adores Estee Lauder and the fact she raves about their suff so much made this catch my eye. Although summer's nearly over now. Reckon you could get away with it in the Autumn?
    Kerry | Kerralina x
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