What's In My Bag (Updated)

I recently found out about this competition from Money Supermarket asking bloggers to display the contents of their handbags in order to win another fantastic and iconic handbag, and in my opinion the bag to end all bags, the Mulberry Bayswater. As a self confessed bag lady (seriously, I'd make an Ikea blue bag work if I had to) this is the most perfect competition for me. Originally I thought about showing you the bag I take to work, which would contain my McApron, my McHat and a number of hair nets and till reciepts, but I want to step away from work for a minute and show you my actual day bag for when I'm out and about and not smelling of chips.

You may be forgiven for thinking, "why on Earth is she showing us all this expensive stuff, doesn't she have a tatty old shopper bag that she takes to Tesco?" The answer is no. This is my everyday bag, this is honestly my everyday stuff, and yes, it looks rather fetching hanging off the bag hook of a Tesco trolley...

So, what's is my bag? 

I like to cart around the (necessary) kitchen sink with me in my beloved Michael Kors Jet Set Tote. In fact when I was emptying this out to photograph everything I found a spare pair of (clean) knickers and a spare pair of tights. Glamourous eh?! I do, however, have the usual things you'd expect to find in a lady's handbag: my new Mulberry Long Locked purse that I wrote about here, my house keys on my Cath Kidston lanyard, a Radley Umbrella, my new Beats by Dr Dre Mixr headphones (they're pink!), my Ted Baker mini makeup bag of beauty essentials (see below), my Cath Kidston blogging notebook, a Parker pen, a Jack Wills rollerball perfume and my iPhone 4s which is encased in a Disney Store Minnie Mouse cover. Everything's nice and neat and ordered, just the way I like it. Truth here is that you'll never find old wrappers, a million lipsticks or random bits of gum in my handbag, that's just not me at all! 

Inside my Ted Baked makeup case I carry a few must have beauty items that I may need in an emergency, or just as I go about my day to day business. These include my Tiffany & Co sunglasses to hide tired eyes from the sun and friends, a travel deodorant (so useful!), some hand sanitiser, Benefit Fake-Up concealer, a little Cath Kidston pocket mirror, some eye make-up remover pads just in case, Nivea lip balm, a hair tie, an Illamasqua eye pencil, some tissues, a generic MAC lipstick, and my newest lipgloss from Revlon. All must have essentials for on the go touch ups, right? 

As part of the competition Money Supermarket have asked for a total price of the combined total of the contents of your handbag. My total is...please make sure you're sitting down for this...£1,028. Wowee. That's a lot of pennies. I haven't included the value of my keys because I'm not entirely sure what price to put on them, maybe a month's rent? That'd bring the total to £1,478. I sure am glad I'm sitting down to the tune of that sum!

What's the most expensive thing you haul around in your bag? I think this is an interesting question to pose, much like the 'how expensive is your face tag'...perhaps I ought to do that next...


  1. Wow! That is expensive! I don't usually carry anything that's too expensive around with me in case I lose it! x
    Amy | http://amysbeautyjournal.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. Good luck with the competition! I love your bag and your Ted Baker makeup case.


  3. Great post lovely! Absolutely loving the bag and everything inside! The Ted Baker Makeup bag is super adorable and the Mulberry purse is so chic...such a beautiful colour!

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  4. Carrying way too expensive things with you makes acquiring a handbag insurance a necessity. LOL! Keep safe always. =)


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