Summer Face Essentials (High Street/Drugstore)

I don't know about you but when the summer weather hits the UK I panic about my face. This sounds a bit dramatic, but I panic with good reason...is my SPF high enough? Is there even SPF in any of my products? Will my foundation melt and make me go patchy? You know the sort of worries us girls face.
So I thought I'd take a quick peek into my stash and come up with my high street/drugstore face essentials. Normally I don't like to wear a lot of makeup in sunny weather. I'm of the belief that if we sweat when hot, then we sweat for a reason and the more I put on my face the more uncomfortable I feel about products melting and making me look patchy. Fresh and simple is the way forward in June, July and August in my opinion...

That said, I like to start off my summer face by using an all in one base, like a tinted moisturiser, or my favourite BB cream, Dr Jart Water Fuse (found in Boots, £18). I find that this gives me just enough coverage, yet it doesn't settle heavy on my skin, perfect for a sunny day when I want to feel light and fresh. The rest of my face follows the fresh and simple look, I apply a light dusting of blusher and highlighter/bronzer, for example a lovely summery pink shade like Benefit's Hervana (found in Boots, £24.50) or a new edition to my stash and fast becoming a favourite, Seventeen's Shimmer Brick in Pink Bronze (found in Boots, £4.99). My all time favourite eyeliner, L'Oreal Super Liner Crystal, helps me put on my winged liner (never leave home without it!) and for summer I've found a new one with small light reflecting particles that softens the harshness of the black (found in Superdrug, £6.49). My mascara remains the same at the moment, but I might change it up for the waterproof version, and is Maybelline's The Rocket (found in Boots/Superdrug, £7.99). To finish off I like to apply a light cover of a beautiful summer colour onto my lips in the form of a tinted lip balm or a light coverage lipstick, Revlon comes out on top here with their Colourburst Lip Butters (found in Boots/Superdrug, £7.99) or their newest lipstick collection, Ultimate Suede Lipstick (found in Boots/Superdrug, £8.99). The shade pictured here is Front Row, such a lovely light pink shade to complement the rest of the makeup. 

How do you apply your makeup in the summer? Are you all for fresh and simple or do you like to apply a full face? 


  1. I recently bought Maybelline's The Rocket mascara and love it, the big brush did take a little getting used to though. The shimmer brick is a very pretty colour.

  2. I absolutely love the Dr Jart BB cream, I use the Regenerating one though... it's AMAZING! It's totally saved my face this summer. That Seventeen palette looks gorgeous too.

    Hannah x


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