Wednesday Wishing

It's midweek, tomorrow is my payday for this past fortnight, and although I need to get round to paying off my debts and actually pay bills etc I can't help but scour the Internet in search of fun things to dream about owning...ever the material girl.

1) This Marc by Marc Jacobs watch is so cute. I'm loving neon at the moment, and I'm loving the fact that there aren't any numbers, just that the letters of Marc's name form the number, tres chic. This is also  splashproof, perfect for holidays.

2) I've been lusting after a McQueen skull scarf for ages and ages. I might have to pop this on my Christmas list this year.

3) Another beautiful watch, and one that's so highly revered by many a blogger. I've yet to see how a Michael Kors watch would look on my own wrist, but I'm sure that once I'd tried it on i wouldn't want it to come off!

4) How amazing does this iPad case look? I'm loving Marc by Marc Jacobs products at the moment and I love the dusty pink colour of this case and I love that it's a folio and not just a cover - perfect for travelling.

5) I bought a Maybelline Babylips from Florida when I went with J last September so I'm not too desperate to get my hands on these now that they're available in the UK. There are a few flavours I'd like to try though, and I'm sure I could make room in my stash for one or two more...!

6) I'm still on the hunt for a new primer, and saw that this was on offer in Boots. I swatched it on my hand and was suitably impressed, so roll on payday tomorrow!

7) This is an interesting little notebook I found on Amazon. It allows the user to chart and document their fitness progress over 12 weeks, with spaces to keep a food diary, exercise log and your body measurements. For an avid list maker like me this is perfect motivation to keep on the healthy straight and narrow :)

That's what I'm lusting after this week, seen anything you fancy?

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