OOTD// Time For Tea

 I might get odd comments or looks for saying this, but thank God the heatwave has disappeared. Don't get me wrong I do love a sunny day, but not when I have to spend 9 hours of it in a hot and busy restaurant serving fries and BigMacs to hungry customers. People have been asking me if I'm ok these past few weeks because I'm still pale, not a hint of a slight sun kissed gleam at all. I say, yes I'm fine, but the only heat I've been able to feel is that radiating from the Fry vats and the grills so there's no chance of a tan for this girl, only empty deodorant canisters. *Le Sigh.*

This aside I'm grateful for the cooler days, and most importantly I'm ecstatic to be dressing for A/W 13 like a boss. I don't care that August is round the corner, give me boots, 100 denier tights and cardigans any day. This little outfit was a steal at £8 for a my cute little Tea Dress from Primark, £3 leggings from Primark and a gold collar necklace for £2 in the New Look sale. I thought I'd pop a little brown woven belt around my waist to cinch me in a little bit, put Michael on my arm and slip on some brown boots and ta-da! A perfect little outfit to pretend it's Autumn and go out for dinner in.

Are you like me and can't wait for Autumn? Or are you a complete Sun Junkie?

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  1. Love this dress Louise! just dropping by to say hello! :) love leia xxx


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