Seven Successful Things: April

  1. I received three 2.1s and a 2.2 in my essays from last term - whoo!
  2. I began the CS diet (again, I admit) but feel more determined than ever. Week 1 complete, -9lbs! Now I just can't wait for my body to start changing shape and physically reflect what the scales say.  
  3. I paid off our Disney holiday so I am going for sure!! Just need to accumulate lots and lots of spending money now! $$$
  4. Also managed to finish our mini dissertation project on time, yay! Scary to think that I have to do it all by myself from now on :/
  5. I received my dates for working at the Olympics with Macs, 5th-12th August. Don't know which store I'll be in yet but I'm hoping it's in the Athlete's Village of course!
  6. Dissertation got started, officially 11 months until hand in date. So happy I know what I want to do though :) 
  7. I lived with Joseph for a week, we've not really done that before, and it was hard work sometimes but super fun, love him to bits!

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