Ice Cream on the Beach

I am absolutely in love with the pastel shades in stores at the moment, these being a few of my picks for the beach or poolside. There's T-Minus 17 weeks until I jet off to Florida and despite the obvious goal of losing loads of lbs to look fab by the pool, I also have a goal of collecting the most impeccable holiday wardrobe. I always feel that when I go on holiday I have to have new clothes, new accessories, new toiletries, new everything. There's just something about escaping from the mundane of home life that makes holidays a new place for re-invention and pure luxury.

So with this in mind, every time I mooch around the shops I do 'holiday clothes research' and mentally prepare my bank balance for the weight transactions that might fall upon it in the near future.

  1. How fabulous is this bikini? If I want to channel my inner Mrs Whippy I need to look no further than River Island. For £10 for the bottoms and £15 for the top it's an inexpensive way to inject some fun onto the beach!
  2. Topshop, as ever, have some fabulous beach cover ups. I am particularly drawn to the salmony pink of this plain shirt dress. Love. 
  3. Essie's Mint Candy Apple is something I recently invested in from eBay, it looks pretty enough to eat on swatches. 
  4. My all time favourite colour combination screams cutesy, marshmallow girlie goodness and these flip-flops are a steal at £6 from Accessorize. 
  5. The perspex and jelly trend may soon be in the sales, but I still love this pink bowling bag from New Look for £15.99.
  6. Gummie bracelets, fab for the beach to add a splash of colour, and most importantly, they're waterproof. Definitely going to invest in these from Asos, £8.
Roll on September I say! 

Are you loving the pastel trend?

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