I'm Back :D

I return after a month long blog hiatus. This was, unfortunately, purely unintentional, I have just let life and university work get in the way of things I would much rather be doing...like blogging, painting my nails or reading my kindle. But, I am back, albeit I wish I could say 'refreshed', and do have so many ideas in the bloggy pipeline. Whoop.

But first, my Seven Successful things series continues with May:

  1. I managed to get through my exams, sitting every one and answering everything to the best of my ability.
  2. I started the Celebrity Slim Weight Loss plan with a vengeance. I am currently 5 weeks in and celebrating a -21lbs loss thus far :-) The initial programme lasts for 8 weeks, so I have a few more to go yet, but I am starting to feel like my goal is firmly in sight!
  3. I paid my last rent instalment for this student house. This is successful because it means a fresh start just down the road come July 1st.
  4. I changed my first lot of £100 savings into US$ ready for the holiday Joseph and I are going on, he paid off the remainder today...3 months and 7 days to go! I can't believe we booked it just under a year ago, scary stuff!
  5. I've truly managed to get the hang of eBay and always have things up for sale, successful because every little helps towards the holiday spending fun, right? Victoria's Secret won't shop itself!
  6. Officially managed to fit into and wear my other skirt for work, 2 sizes smaller!
  7. I joined instagram properly, name: louisekwilliams and I absolutely love looking at all the creative and exciting pictures that people post...the world is such a blur of fabulous imagination! 
Again, I apologise for my slight disappearance...!

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