Wednesday Wishlist

This week's wish list comes with added topknot. I am having a ridiculously lazy day, by this I mean I am hardly leaving my bedroom except to perform the necessary ablutions, and eat! Yeahh, student life. So, on to the good stuff (all pictures taken from the companies' respective websites):
Clockwise L-R:
1) This dress is in the beach section on River Island's website which makes me want to believe that it's just a pretty cover up, however there's something else about it that makes me want to wear it out on a lovely evening dinner in a sunny climate. I love the pastels, and of course who doesn't love a winged horse! So girly, love it. £22.00 and it's yours. 

2) I first read about Le Bunny Bleu on Michelle's (Daisybutter) blog. Her gorgeous bunny face flats are just the sort of shoe I need to feed my love of rabbits! I then discovered their website and came across these amazing Ugg style boots for £59.00. A snip of the price of the particular Ugg style that I want and with a cute little bunny design on the back.

3) Such a random wish list item but I was browsing the Momiji website and thought that the Princess doll looks just like me (haha, I jest). Isn't she pretty? Each doll has a space to hide a message from the gift giver, now I just have to hint loudly, £12.95.

4) Every man and his wife if blogging/raving about the Caudalie Beauty Elixir at the moment and naturally I want to jump onto the hype and try it out for myself. I have heard mixed reviews about the smell of the product, and since I am a girl who believes the scent of the lotion or potion gives a lot away about the quality/nature or the product itself I think it would be interesting to try this out. 100ml on the Caudalie website will cost you pricy £32 while the 30ml is £11 but I know certain other sites offer cheaper prices.

5) This gorgeous piece of bedding is a Cath Kidston Provence Rose reversible duvet set. I love Cath Kidston prints so much and although I love my Tesco Cath Kidston dupe it's got nothing on this pretty design. It's £55 for a double duvet cover although I don't know if that includes pillow cases or not (for the sake of my bank balance let's hope it does!). I love love love the fact that it's reversible, pink and white polka dots and a beautiful floral print look almost makes it seem like you're getting two duvets for the price of one! 

Have you found any exciting wants for your wish list that I should know about? 

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