Topshop 'Dark Side of Nude' - Wicked

Image Taken From The Topshop Website
I was browsing in Topshop in the Gateshead Metrocentre yesterday and got rather excited about this particular collection. I am very much into all things vampy and gothic at the moment, the amount of studs and skulls in my wardrobe is a small nod to my late teenage years when a black ra-ra skirt and a pair of black high top Converse were my ultimate outfit essentials. I wasn't too much into makeup back then, but I know that had this collection been around I'd have snapped it all up.

Topshop says, 'Gothic goes glamorous with our decadent capsule make-up collection, Dark Side of Nude. Vampy-claret lips are teamed with metallic mushroom eyes and an icy pale base for a high shine and high impact look'. With inspiration taken from the 'ultimate gothic' and 'horror heroines' of popular films like Carrie and Black Swan, the Dark Side of Nude brings together an amazing palette of colours that would make any face look glamourously gothic. I particularly like the fact that each product in the collection complements the other, yet wearing one piece as a standalone pop of colour would look equally amazing. The packaging is delightful too, all sleek and matte black with edgy geometric triangle shapes, very classy.

That being said, I fell in love with the claret/burgundy coloured 'Wicked' lipstick, priced at £9 and available at larger Topshop stores that stock their makeup stands. I haven't yet found my perfect red lipstick. I have such a small mouth that I think really bright bursts of colour look a bit strange on my face. However, a deep red wine colour is on the way to discovering what kinds of red colours I can find that suit me and my skin tone/teeny mouth the best. When I first took Wicked's cap off I was a little bit afraid of the colour, it looks so dark! But then I swatched it on my hand and knew I had to buy it and try it out - safe to say I'm in love!

The camera picks up the colour to be a little more pink, and brighter than I think it actually is, but nonetheless won't you agree that this is such a pretty colour? The lipstick's colour payoff is brilliant, even after a few glasses of my current tipple of choice last night (vodka, lime, and lemonade) it stayed on beautifully. (I can't remember what it looked like at the end of the night, I fell into bed!) I know this may sound odd too, but I really like the way the formula glides onto your lips when applying the lipstick. It doesn't drag or even need many coats (for want of a better word). Wicked is an overall perfect colour for winter, and definitely adds a more feminine edge to the studs and skulls in my wardrobe!

Are you a lover of the vampy gothic trend at the minute?
Anything from Topshop's new collection catch your eye?
And of course, if you have any preferred brands for red lipstick please let me know, I'm on the hunt!


  1. Oh wow what a stunning colour and it looks so beautiful on you! I definitely want to pick this up! Have you tried Cherries in the Snow from Revlon? I think you would love that!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

    1. Aww thank-you hun :-) I did buy Cherries in the Snow but then my friend 'borrowed' it before I had chance to use it and hasn't given it back yet! The swatch looked amazing though!

  2. this is a gorgeous collection - I want the blue/grey nail polish!!
    I've posted about the mac lipstick and linked you over on my blog :) xx

  3. I definitely love this colour. I'm so getting it. Thanks for the heads up :)

    Lola x

    1. It's a beauty, right? You're welcome :-)


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