Weekend Wishlist #1

From left to right:

1) I have been eyeing up this Tinkerbell palette for absolutely ages but thought the £32 price tag was quite on the pricy side. I was perusing ASOS and saw that they have the palette on offer...c'mon student loan, enter my bank account already!

2) I'm really loving lipsticks at the moment and MAC's lip offerings are high on my lust list. I'm keen to add a multitude of colours to my collection, St. Germain is a perfect 'clean pastel pink' and one I could very much like to try out.

3) I absolutely love the colour of this dress, in fact I just absolutely love this dress - Topshop  have some absolute crackers at the moment.

4) Halloween is coming and I like bats. What can go wrong with this jumper? Maybe the price, it's £69.99 - gulp!

5) I bought my bf a pair of Beats for his 21st birthday and now, having listened to his headphones and drooled over them, I want a pair. Naturally they would be pink.

6) My eyelashes are really important to me, I know it sounds odd, but aside from filling in my eyebrows, making sure I have perfected my lashes really completes my face for the day. I want to try some proper Eylure lashes, these look amazing!

Are you lusting after anything that I should be lusting after too?


  1. Those eyelashes look lovely. I'm lusting after some Ardell double lashes at the moment!

    1. Oo I've never tried those, I'll keep an eye out :-) xx

  2. I also love MAC products especially their lipsticks aside from Revlon. I love the shade that you have picked because it brings out the natural color of the lips. I find it natural and light which is perfect for everyday wear.

    1. Awesome! I really want to try it out properly, thanks for your tips :-) xx


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