Boots Double Faced Oval Pads

Following on from my post about my new Denman hairbrush, I thought I'd carry on with a little mini series of reviews about my favourite cosmetic and skincare tools. I'm dedicating this particular post to some cotton wool, which doesn't sound that exciting, but bear with me!

I need cotton wool in my routine like I need oxygen in my bloodstream, I just can't live without the stuff. It's one of those multitasking tools that we don't really give much thought to. I usually hate paying through the nose for something that I'm only going to use once and then throw away in the bin, but, as always, I believe you get what you pay for and I recently began to invest in better cotton wool.

Going back to basics however, not too long ago I thought the only type of cotton wool on the market was the little white fluffy ball variety, the one that you can pull apart in your hands and is really no good for cleansing or nail polish removal. How wrong I was! I graduated to using small circular cotton wool pads, pleased that they would take off my nail polish with relative ease, and that, if using multiple pads, I could remove excess makeup from my face of a night time. I still thought there should be something out there on the market that would be perfect for multi purpose use on my face and that's when I discovered Boots Cotton Wool Double Faced Oval Pads.

I believe that these cotton pads are a little more luxurious than normal cotton pads. They're 100% cotton, which makes them incredibly soft and are dual sided, with a 'light textured' surface on one side and a 'compact surface' on the other. Boots say, 'the light textured surface is ideal for applying   lotions and creams, such as cleanser' and 'the compact surface is ideal for applying liquids such as nail polish remover or toner. This surface does not fluff or lint'. Multi purpose perfection, I love them!

The largish oval size is perfect for using all over the face, I no longer have to use '12948590' cotton pads to completely remove my make-up, one or two is enough so that brings the waste down significantly.

I would agree that they are quite expensive for cotton wool, £1.89 for 50 pads, but they're definitely worth it. I bought mine in the current Boots offer of buy one get one half price so that made them around 95p.

What do you use to clean your face?


  1. They're giant, the look good! I use Johnson's one


    1. They are giant, and so useful :)
      I want to try some of those Kleenex pads I think, they're also giant.


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