Books Galore! // A New Monthly Post

If ever I'm feeling down, or lonely I always like to pick up a book and dive right in amongst the pages, the words and the fantasy lives of the characters. I'm such a bookworm and I'm surprised actually that I don't feature my love of reading more here on Confetti Letters. Well, that's about to change. I have decided to begin a new monthly feature where I showcase all of the books I have read for that month, like a monthly empties post. I will say now that I read just about anything so you can guarantee it'll be a mixed bag of books...!

I'm always shocked when I ask someone if they read and they say no and explain to me that they think books are 'boring' or that they haven't got the time to get lost inside someone else's thoughts. I would say to them that they haven't found the right genre of book for them yet and that you can always make time for a story. I carry around a book or my Kindle with me in my handbag as a given, snatching a few pages on my break at work, on the bus, waiting for a doctor's appointment, anywhere that I have to just stop for 5 minutes or more is devoted to reading.

I admit that I have an addiction to buying books, and that since I've finished University it's got a whole lot worse because I simply have more time on my hands now. My most recent discovery for cheaper books is Tesco, they often have 3 for £5 on certain paperbacks, or 2 for £7 on more recently published paperbacks. I even managed to score a bit of chick lit that's just been published for £1.95 last week, bargain.

So this post is just a bit of literature admin to say keep your eyes peeled for my August reads at the end of the month. I'm of the belief that you can literally read yourself happy, try it sometime :)

Are you a fellow bookworm?
Tell me your favourite book, I'm always eager to find more!


  1. Looking forward to this! I adore reading and have a crazy book collection. I read loads of crime and love Peter James and Tess Gerritsen but I adore Lindsey Kelks I heart series, so good! xxx

  2. Looking forward to these posts! I love reading but I very rarely find the time to nowadays, going to start using my kindle again I think! xx

  3. I am really looking forward to hearing about the books you have read :) I'm a huge bookworm too!!! Fantastic idea :)

  4. It's a pet hate of mine when people just dismissively say 'oh I don't read'. HOW!? I read so much so I'm looking forward to reading these posts :) xx

  5. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post! I love reading and I too have an obsession with buying all the books in Tescos with the deals. So good to see so many more readers out there in the blogging world, perhaps we should start a book club! haha xo

    Hannah xo| Glitter and Sparkle


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