Review // Illamasqua Underworld Lipstick

"Why do you always wear such dodgy lipstick?" asks Joseph when I emerge from my room all made up for the day, having popped on my new Illamasqua 'Underworld' lipstick. Admittedly the colour is a little bit out there for want of a better phrase but it's gorgeous, perfect for turning heads and an all round impressive colour. "It's just nice and different," I replied to him defiantly. "I love it!"

Clearly the boy has no taste, for can you not agree this is the most perfect electric violet you've ever set your eyes upon? Illamasqua are a brand I'm becoming more and more familiar with thanks to their gorgeous colours I constantly dream about on their website. When I was in Liverpool back in June for my Grandad's funeral I stumbled across an actual Illamasqua store and came home with this, a lipstick in the shade Underworld.

Illamasqua describe this colour as an iridescent blueberry violet with a shimmer finish - I absolutely love it. I was slightly worried about the shimmer being too in your face when I first swatched this in store but it's not too in your face at all, there's just a simple subtle sheen when the light hits your lips, perfect.

My biggest disappointment with Underworld though was it's lack of moisturisation. I initially found it quite difficult to get a decent colour payoff on my lips but once on there you can't tell as it's quite a build able colour. I do suffer from dry lips as a result of my dry skin so the lack of moisture in the formula affects my lips a lot and Underworld feels somewhat drying. It does have a good staying power though, I've been out for dinner and eaten my meal with it remaining in place - bonus!

All in all a lovely lipstick that makes up for a lacking formula (in my opinion) with an amazing colour. It looks amazing paired with my lipgloss in Boost (see my review here), i've had so many complements, thanks Illamasqua!

Priced at £16.50 Underworld is definitely not your Saturday pocket money pick up but it's such a unique colour that I didn't mind paying that. I'm still falling in love with the rest of the Illamasqua products so please do another sale soon!

Are you an Illamasqua fan? What's your favourite colour to wear on your lips?


  1. I find purple shades from illamasqua are very hard to get a colour pay off from (I have fetish) however they are just so pretty!

    Jazzie x

  2. Such a unique shade! Looks gorgeous :)

  3. Thanks for leaving me your link on twitter. I've never used Illamasqua before, I need to get my hands on some! Danielle xx


  4. this shade looks so good on you! I can imagine it being a tricky one for everyone to pull off though xx



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