Autumn Love

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Undoubtedly September 1st marks the beginning of my favourite time of year, Autumn. I don't care much for snow (it's pretty, but a frightful mess for those blessed with the balance of a newborn giraffe) and too much sunshine can actually ruin my mood (and my makeup!) so Autumn is definitely the best time of year in my opinion!

Let me tell you what I'm looking forward to Autumn/Winter '13:
  1. Cable knit tights, tea dresses and brown ankle boots. 
  2. Leaves changing colour and falling off the tree branches.
  3. Kicking leaves across the pavement.
  4. No one looking at me funny when I order hot chocolate (I don't drink tea or coffee).
  5. The spooky sight of naked trees at 5:30am when I walk to work. 
  6. Making lists for Christmas.
  7. Being able to pull out my dark berry hues into my everyday makeup stash.
  8. Wrapping up in a blanket on the sofa and reading a good book.
  9. Breathing in crisp, cold air in the morning and feeling alive.
  10. Festive lights appearing in town and city centres. 
  11. Boots putting their Christmas stock on the shelves.
  12. Swapping my summer scarves for my heavier scarves.
  13. Decorating for Hallow'een and then for Christmas.
  14. Thick knit jumpers, hats and gloves.
  15. Film nights with boxsets, DVDs and lots of popcorn.
That list is by no means exhaustive, there's so much more to look forward to A/W '13! 
What's your favourite time of year? Are you like me and in love with Autumn?


  1. this made me squeal!!

    Parie x

  2. crunching through leaves in my wellies...still such a kid!


  3. This is a great list to get excited for fall :). I especially agree with the pulling out dark berry hues ;) x.

  4. I absolutely LOVE the Virgin suicides. It's in my top 3 books and the film is superb as well.

    I have heard of the other books you've listed here but not read them but most are actually in my wishlist anyway :) x

  5. These are all the reasons as to why I love Autumn too! It has to be the best time of year! xo

    Hannah | Glitter and Sparkle

  6. I love autumn!! Can't wait to rock some tartan, buy a new coat and some sexy new boots! And all the reasons you've listed are making me excited!

    Rosie x


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