Life #1

So my poor little blog corner of the web has been significantly neglected of late due to a slump in my brain cells providing me with writer's block and lack of motivation. This saddens me, because I used to be so eager to pop up a post every day. At the moment my attention seems to have deferred to things in my offline life, for example:

  • My promotion into management and the thought of having to lead a team of 35 + people in a busy and chaotic working environment whilst managing to hit targets and provide excellent customer service. Eek!
  • The fact that I am now (finally) learning to drive and it's still truly terrifying - on my first lesson last Thursday I got thrown on the road and bam, I did windy country lanes, a dual carriageway, roundabouts, one way streets, roadworks, cross roads, traffic lights...lots of road things. So much to take in!
  • Organising my little flat, it's still not how I want it, and J and I are squabbling over wall art. 
  • Money wobbles, with a flat comes responsibility and once all the bills have been paid we haven't quite got the balance right between having fun and having a full fridge...
  • Working ridiculous hours...for example I've just finished a 7 day week and my shifts went like this: 4-1, 12-8, 11-7, 6-3, 6-3, 3-12, 2-10. All over the place! 
My point of this post, I think, was for me to put down everything taking over my head at the moment and to activate my little corner of the internet again. 

Hope you're all doing well <3

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  1. Wow! Sounds manic! Good luck with driving! Xx


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