If I Only Buy One Thing This Year | 2014 Wish List

I'm currently 14 days into my 100 day spending ban (post about that on Thursday) but still cannot help myself and regularly go online window shopping! I don't think that there's anything wrong with this though, unless I actually cave and make a purchase. Which I won't, I'm so determined! If I do only buy one thing this year though and for some miracle I manage to not spend frivolously for an entire year (not likely, but let's dream, eh!) then I'd love it to be any of the above.

The UGGs and Mulberry Bayswater are two items I've been lusting after since what feels like the dawn of time so those two are top of the list! Close second comes the Louis Vuitton scarf that I spotted on Tumblr and then had to seek out, it's such a lovely colour. Then are the little bits and pieces I'd happily place on my birthday wish list or for Christmas, a full sized Baies candles because I've fallen in love with my mini one, Alexa Chung's book because I still hadn't got round to buying it before my ban, the Made in Chelsea box set because I love the show and need to catch up with the episodes I've missed, and finally a Tom Ford lipstick because they look beautiful and I've not tried one before.

What are you lusting after this year?


  1. fab picks louise... my main thing was a new handbag which i bought yesterday and it's love. now it's all save ahead for holidays! so travel is prob on my main list now... xxx

  2. I'd love the Made in Chelsea boxset along with the Alexa Chung book! :)
    Good luck with the spending ban, I did it two years ago and might give it a go again!


  3. Ahhh a Mulberry - they're just timeless beauties - great pick :o). Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  4. That's one fab wish list, well done on doing so well on your spending ban so far!

    Stephanie (@hopefreedomlove)

  5. I'm lusting over everything (I'm trying not to spend, it just makes me want things more!)

    Danniella x | www.famousinjapan.co.uk

  6. There's a Made In Chelsea box set!??!!? Why didn't I know this before? I guess that's going on my birthday wish list!
    Paper Dreams and Plastic Bags


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