Spending Ban Update #1 | 84 Days + 10 Hours To Go

Today is yet another payday for me as I get paid every other Thursday (which makes 3 paydays in January!), and time for my first instalment of my fortnightly spending ban updates.

My total spend on everything that's not bills this past fortnight = £10.00.

There's a reason for this, thus: last Monday I had to go to town to post some eBay parcels. I have to pass a massive Tesco megastore and seeing as it was raining I decided to pop in and hide for a bit. I was miserable that I had to wait 6 more hours before I could even get ready for work (working from 10pm until 7am the next day makes me miserable!) and caved and bought a selection of magazines to keep me company throughout the rest of the day and on my nightshift. I always squeal when they put any of the Kardashian sisters on the cover of magazines (Look had Kim on the front, Cosmopolitan has Khloe!) and couldn't help myself. What's weird is that I kind of feel like I regret making that purchase, something that I've not experienced before and I did um and ah about the magazines when I was in Tesco before I bought them. See, I'm learning :)

Although, I have been naughty :( But I've decided to add 10 more hours to the ban, 1 for every £1 I've spent that I didn't need to, to make up for it.

I've not managed to save any of my wages from this fortnight as due to my carelessness I am still paying utility bills from our old flat (yes, 1 month later, grrr.) but I'm happy to say that I've rid myself of them now as they're all paid off. To be honest, a month ago I'd have probably said 'just pay off 50 and do it in instalments' so that I'd have money to go shopping, but it's a much nicer feeling to know that they're all paid off!

A pretty successful fortnight I must say, considering I also managed to make £70 on eBay and pay off yet more bills!

Roll on the next 84 days…I CAN do this!


  1. Well done, you're doing really well! xxx

    Stephanie (@hopefreedomlove)

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  3. I'm jealous of your paydays, I got paid just before Christmas so am in the middle of a five week gap...sob! You're doing really well though :) xx

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