Slimming World // Week Five

If you're a regular reader round these 'ere parts you may have noticed that there's been no SW weigh in update for the past fortnight. For the first week I was poorly so couldn't go and ate a lot of rubbish, as you do when you're feeling sorry for yourself, and then last week it was my birthday so I didn't go to that group. As you can tell from my progress I've evidently had a fabulous birthday, consuming mountains of cake, sweets, enchiladas etc. 

At SW they say that 'there's no shame in a gain' and in fact I don't think it'd be human to drop significant amounts of lbs every week, we all have to expect little gains here and there. So while I'm disappointed at that +4.5lbs gain, I know that that's been over 21 days, not 7, and, as they said to me last night, the most important thing is that I realise where it's come from. 

For people in denial about their weight situation, and I can totally understand that, it's easy to blame certain things in your life that actually have nothing to do with the situation you're in. The key thing to note, though is that once you've got past that stage, and start to realise where you're going wrong in your diet, then you can put your hand up and admit, 'oh, yes I did consume x amounts of cake last Tuesday and x amounts of bottles of Rekorderlig on the night'. I've found you can't shy away, and I've learnt that actually no-one at SW's judging your gain or gloating in their losses over yours. 

Before I jumped on the scales last night I took stock of how I was feeling. I knew that I'd have gained since I couldn't make the previous two group sessions, but I told myself I should be proud for even going and facing it head on, and then sitting in that chair afterwards and talking about it. I felt angry at myself, disappointed and sad that I couldn't add lbs to my minus list and instead have to take them away from my overall progress. 

But you know what, I'm ok with that. I still need to remember how far I've come, I mean I've managed to keep off 4.5lbs for 5 weeks (something completely unheard of in my past 3 year weight gain!) and I can only look forward to onwards and downwards

Loss to date: 4.5lbs
Time taken: 5 weeks
Next milestone at: -10lbs
Reward: A new foundation


  1. There's no shame in a little gain! I've been on the weightloss game for ages and I just gain 3Ibs of off the 6Ibs I managed to lose. For a few weeks I just gave up completely thinking what is the point? Thankfully I am getting back on it now :)

    1. Congrats on your progress so far :) Keep on trekking and the results at the end will be worth it!
      Wishing you lots of luck.


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