Event // TKMaxx Opening: Newcastle Eldon Square

The other day the lovely Shannon from Raspberry Kiss invited me to be her plus one for the grand opening of the new TKMaxx store in Newcastle's Eldon Square and I wanted to share some of the snaps. We were invited into the store at 8am for an hour's preview before it was officially opened by local celeb Donna Air. (I'd not heard of her before, but now know she was on Byker Grove back in the day!) 

 The new store spans two floors and caters for men, women and children, as well as there being a beauty, shoe and home ware department. One of my favourite sections was the 'Gold Label' department full of beautiful designer clothes with much too high a price tag for my purse *sad face*. All stock is said to be reduced at 60% off the RRP, with some of the clearance items reduced even further. I particularly loved browsing through the beauty aisles and the storage sections!

The PR lady I spoke to said that they had new stock arriving every single day, which means that the merchandising team have to keep one step ahead of the game and come up with ways to keep the store looking fresh and updated. I particularly loved that the Gold Label section was channelling the monochrome trend, spot on TKMaxx, spot on!

I absolutely adore the vibrant mix of products TKMaxx sells. I often feel like I'm fighting my way through an elegant jumble sale, so it was great to be given a preview of the clothes, they looked so pristine waiting for the busy Thursday shoppers to hunt out a bargain. The best bit is that you never know what you're going to find, from recognisable house hold brands to foreign companies and everything in between. That's another thing I love about TKMaxx, the stock rotation is so fast that you're probably not going to see the same mix of products twice (unless you shop there everyday!), and I was informed that as TKMaxx is an American company (known over in the States as TJMax) we Brits may be excited to discover that sometimes American products find their way to our shelves. In the past I've seen Covergirl and Physicians Formula on the beauty stands, and even American clothes labelling on the rails. 

I received a £25 gift card at the event to spend on anything in store. I couldn't manage to buy anything on the day as the tills weren't up and running yet, and the trading laws were in place, but yesterday I went and combed my local TKMaxx and bought a beautiful skirt and a Korres facial sun protector (I was inspired by the bit of sun that shone throughout the day - spring is coming!). I still have some pennies left but I'm going to save those for a rainy day.

TKMaxx at Newcastle's Eldon Square is a fabulous new space for hunting down a bargain and discovering some new brands, definitely well worth a look if you're in the area (or indeed are near any TKMaxx, they're all stocked with great products).

Are you a TKMaxx fan?
What's the best bargain you've ever picked up out shopping?


  1. Ohh it didn't realize this was open yet, it looks so much nicer and more modern than the old one!

    I may have to go have a look after work today!

  2. I absolutely ADORE TK Maxx, one of my favourite stores. It's rare I come out of there without picking up a bargain! xx


  3. Thanks for coming along with me Louise! Was lovely meeting you xo

  4. I love their new design! The one near is being re-done and I can't wait to see it now! The beauty shelves literally made me go wow! Xx

  5. Looks like you have such a great time, I think you always find some amazing pieces in tkmaxx :) xx

    Can't wait to meet more northern bloggers at the benefit event tomorrow, I'm newly following too.


  6. Looks great, I've found the odd thing in tkmaxx but can't say its somewhere I think of shopping! X

  7. I love shopping at tkmaxx, too bad I don't have one near by! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  8. Looks awesome, going to check it out over the weekend.


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