Spring Cleaning...

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I'm currently getting right into the swing of spring. I know that there's still snow coming down for parts of the UK, but with the arrival of all of the Easter gifts in Paperchase I can't help but dream of concocting outfits and makeup for the warmer months (if, and when, they may arrive!). One thing I do every spring, as true to the cliche as I'll ever get, is have a thorough spring clean of my personal spaces, currently my room and bathroom at uni, and my bedroom at home in Devon. I'm not going to lie, I'm an obsessive tidier, and will tidy every day, feeling incredibly uneasy if I haven't made my bed or taken out the rubbish. Everything in my room has a place, I don't know why, that's just the way it's been!

Borrowed from here.
I've recently been watching the Channel 4 programme 'Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners' and it's spurred me on to come up with my top five tips to perform your own spring clean:

  1. Take on one room at a time. If you only have one room to work in, for example your bedroom, then you can disregard this tip, but if you're tackling multiple rooms or even your whole house then the best way to go about it, in my opinion, is slowly but surely. If you take on too much at once you'll end up losing momentum and motivation when you're surrounded by stuff and give up. Also, you'll probably find things you never knew you had and may end up getting distracted looking through your memory book from primary school, or your old Mizz magazines and your cleaning will take a back seat. Remember what your mother/gran told you, take one at a time, dear...
  2. If you haven't used it in the last 12 months, get rid of it - try and recycle it, or donate it to charity/someone else. If that fails put it in the dustbin. If you've just cleaned out a drawer and found it lying around having forgotten that you owned it then you clearly don't need it. Be ruthless, say goodbye and move on!
  3. eBay will become your friend - familiarise yourself with the selling site, or similar, like gumtree etc. I've made a fair few bob selling what I would consider as junk, one's woman's trash is another's treasure! Just remember to be actively communicative on there, no buyer likes a seller to leave e-mails unanswered, oh don't be afraid to barter!
  4. Store away your wintery items. I've recently invested in some under bed storage bags from Cath Kidston to help preserve my winter clothes, as well as the bits and pieces I can no longer fit into, but am determined to wear again in the future. This means I can make space in my wardrobe for clothes I know I'll wear in spring/summer and leaves it looking less cluttered. Less mess = less stress!
  5. Make a list! I'm the biggest fan of lists, especially when it comes to actual cleaning. Remember to note down to open your windows and let fresh air circulate in your rooms, dust lampshades and hard to reach places and freshen up your duvet. A list helps me to remember to complete important tasks and order my way of doing things so that I don't miss anything out (like checking  my makeup products to see what's gone out of date). 
Borrowed from here.
So there we go, if you're planning your own spring clean I hope you've found a little bit of inspiration here, and I wish you lots of luck <3

Are you a neat freak like me? 
Or are you creatively chaotic?


  1. Really liked reading this post, will get round to my spring cleaning in the Easter holidays x

  2. Great tips - it's inspired me to have a clean! x

  3. Great tips. I agree with them all.

    If I was in my own home I would be spring cleaning, it was one of my favourite times a year as I love to methodically clean and clear out. I hate that I live at my parents again and can't touch anything.. boo!

    Amy x cocktailsinteacups.com

  4. Hey! You sent me you're link on Twitter the other night, so I've just been having a nose around your lovely blog :)

    I am exactly the same when it comes to tidiness and organisation - I just can't stop! Great tips, too :)

    Alice (@AGBeautyBlog) xx

    1. I'm such a neat freak it stresses me out if I can't tidy, haha.
      Thanks :)

  5. Im doing my spring clean this weekend - already hoovered under the bed! xxx



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