Little Beauty Quirks

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I was thinking this morning about the little random beauty regime quirks that I perform on a regular basis and wondered if there was anybody else out there who does odd little things that deviate from the 'norm'. To see what I mean, read my list of beauty related things I do:

  • If I haven't managed to exfoliate/cleanse my face before bed (blame extreme tiredness/drunken nights out/lack of pre-sleep shower/use of face wipes) then I will, without fail, use a face mask in the morning.
  • always follow a set routine in the shower/bath: first shampoo, then rinse. Then lather conditioner and leave it to work it's softening magic. While that's soaking in I will exfoliate my face and scrub my nose the most (I seem to collect dry skin there). Then the conditioner is rinsed out before I lather up in shower gel/body scrub (currently using up a Lush Snow Fairy) and stand under the water pretending I'm under a tropical waterfall. All this is done while mouthing the words to Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna or Pink as their tunes play on my phone. 
  • The first thing I do post shower is use cotton buds to get the water out of my ears. I hate the feeling of wet inner ears!
  • I always, without fail, have to sanitise my hands before I apply my makeup, even if I'm only using brushes and won't actually touch my skin. Carex hand sanitiser is my best chum!
  • I clean my brushes every Sunday morning after I apply my makeup for the day and will always have them drying on the bathroom floor, wrapped in a towel - much to the amusement of my housemate who says that I am obsessed with cleaning them. I'm right to be so! 
  • Everything in my stash has a home, a place where it can always be located, and things are ordered according to product type (a place for hair products, lipsticks, moisturisers, samples etc). I can't bare to put anything in a new home, unless I'm having a massive move around like I did recently because I found that my lipsticks were melting because of the sunlight :(
Anyone else have little quirks they'd like to share?


  1. I have a routine in the bath! Shampoo hair / twice a week I'll use a blue rinse / leave conditioner on while I too rid myself of dry skin around my nose, rinse hair, do legs etc, then out & lather myself in sweetpea moisturiser.

    I have a pretty stringent morning routine with makeup / hair too, and I have an entire cubby downstairs that's filled with my makeup & nail polishes that are all organised. :x x

  2. I always follow the same order in the shower lol! I wish I was more organised with cleaning my makeup brushes, I do it so adhoc! I like your quirk about the face mask xx

  3. I love that you've shared your quirks with us! I definitely don't think that there is a 'right' way with beauty, you just have to find out what's best for you! Good idea about the face mask, I'm terrible for taking make up off before bed!

  4. Great post, thanks for sharing! Glad to hear you clean your brushes every week, just few days ago I've read an article about it and how many girls don't clean their brushes. I couldn't believe that someone don't know how dangerous is that!

    Thanks for sharing your link with me on Twitter, you've got a lovely blog.
    Hope you'll visit me, too :) xx



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