Hello, December.

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Hello, December. How on earth have you come around again? How am I almost another year older? I feel like I have so much more to accomplish for 2013 and only 29 days in which to do it, what a scary thought. Winter is my most favourite time of the year and with it comes a whole heap of exciting things to do and enjoy, including:

  1. Drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate.
  2. Christmas films.
  3. Decorating the tree.
  4. Scarves.
  5. Gingerbread men.
  6. Writing Christmas cards.
  7. Wrapping presents.
  8. Eating mince pies.
  9. Wearing cosy boots.
  10. Waiting for the snow fall. 
  11. Christmas lights in the city centre.
  12. Christmas tree chocolates.
  13. Naked trees.
  14. Ice skating. 
  15. Waving goodbye to the old year and welcoming in the new one. 
I'm spending my first Christmas away from my Mum and Brother this year to be with J and his family. (Damn you McDonald's for making me work on Christmas Eve and there being no trains). I'm excited to see how another family celebrates Christmas though, fingers crossed for a fabulous time!

Wishing you a happy December :) 


  1. Such a cute post! I hope you and J have a lovely Christmas xx

    1. Thanks chick :) And the same to you too!

  2. Lovely post! Sounds like you have lots of fun things planned x

    Amy | http://amysbeautyjournal.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. I do :) I hope you have a lovely festive season too!


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