Laduree Paris Almanac - A 2014 Diary

As 2014 draws closer now that Christmas is over many people may be thinking about purchasing a diary or a journal for the forthcoming 12 months. I used to keep a diary back when I was about 11-16 (the sort you wrote your woes and troubles in everyday as a teen) and then as I got older and progressed to university I swapped old floral notebooks for a Filofax and kept note of all my lectures and social gatherings.
Since leaving university I've not had much use for my Filofax because all I seem to do nowadays is go to work, come home, eat, sleep and repeat. Yawn. In 2014 I want to break this mundane cycle and actually plan some things to look forward to in order to actually keep on living. I was super lucky to receive this beautiful Laduree Almanac from my brother for Christmas and I wanted to share it with you. The official synopsis of this is: 'In this reassuringly traditional and stylish Almanac, Ladurée share their lifestyle tips and secrets, day by day. The Almanac features: Over 100 quotes and sayings for each month 30 simple sweet and savoury Ladurée recipes More than 200 tips for cooking, table decoration, interior decoration, beauty and lifestyle A Did you know? section, full of amazing facts Diary-style daily space for your appointments, notes, thoughts and jottings'. Now I have a space to write down exciting adventures and keep track of my appointments!
This Laduree diary is undoubtably beautiful. If you're a real girlie girl or obsessed with all things French then this is an absolute must for your 2014. The diary itself is set out with four spaces on one page, and then either a recipe, inspirational quotations, or handy little facts and tips on the other. It does not feature any days or year dates so it's flexible enough to be used during any year, you could even start it in March and it will see you though until the next February if you wanted to. The spaces to write on your daily appointments are on the smaller side that some other diaries of this size, but there's still plenty of room to write things down. I absolutely adore the illustrations on every page, there's so much detail you just don't know where to look - trés mignon!
I can't wait to start using this on January 1st, and I've definitely got my eye on making some of the recipes featured (both sweet and savoury I was delighted to see!). I can't thank my brother enough for getting this for me and it fits me and my personality down to a T! If I could have photographed all the pages for you I would, but just in case I've swayed you enough to purchase it I'll leave the excitement of reading just for you.

Laduree's Almanac is also available in French and German I believe, so if you speak, read or write any of those languages then there's an extra option for you. I also couldn't believe the price of this when I saw it (Laduree's always seemed a bit more on the expensive side of things - but I'll let them off, I adore the brand!), available for just over £10 on Amazon. What a bargain for something so pretty!

Are you a Laduree fan? Would you consider keeping a diary for 2014?


  1. What a lovely little diary - must admit that hot chocolate recipe completely caught my eye haha x


  2. Looks like a fab diary! x


  3. This is such a pretty diary and must be fun to keep track of things. I kind of want one now!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  4. I was actually looking for a new diary and this one is absolutely gorgeous!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  5. this is so cute! I must order one! just came across your blog and love it! xx

  6. Oh Louise, what a beautiful diary! That's so lovely of your brother to buy you this, what a thoughtful present! xxx

  7. Oh this diary is to die for! We ate Laduree macaroons when we went to Paris, this would remind me of the trip every day!


  8. Absolutely Adorable! xoxo



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