Ultimate Christmas Wish List 2013

As a self confessed list making addict, and a Christmas lover, my list making goes into complete overdrive during the festive season when I find myself writing lists of decorations I need to buy, food I need to prepare, and presents that need to be wrapped. Most of all I love making my Christmas list of gifts I'd love to receive. I'm forever searching around the Internet and adding things to my virtual 'Things I Want' folder in my bookmarks, just in case I managed to stumble on a wad of cash to satisfy my material girl nature. If money was no object, I'd want Father Christmas to deliver all of the above under my tree. I've been a good girl Santa…almost. *Hint hint*.
  1. Armani's latest perfume, Si, smells amazing. I'm rubbish at describing scents but I'm usually the kind of girl that like sweet smells and this isn't all that sweet. I adore it though and might push this in J's direction!
  2. I need a jewellery organiser for my nicest jewellery (and by this I mean anything that's not been bought from Topshop or New Look) and if money was really no object I'd be snapping up this Mulberry jewellery case for sure. Adhering to the Mulberry theme is my ultimate bag, the Mulberry Bayswater in tan (something that features on every single one of my lust lists and will continue to do so until I build up the courage to part with the money to buy it…). 
  3. Topshop also features twice on this December's lust list, I think the gingerbread man jumper is simply adorable and I am in love with the neon perspex envelope containing an eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow kit. 
  4. I'm not much of a shoe kind of girl, I'm definitely more into my handbags but I couldn't help but lust after these Vivienne Westwood for Melissa pumps, so cute!
  5. Finally, no wish list is complete without some beauty lusting and this month I've discovered Chanel Glossimer lip glosses and have ended up wanting every single colour. I have a post coming up about the shade that I purchased soon. I'm also really lusting after this YSL gift kit (I definitely practice the art of self gifting a lot!). I could definitely do with a touch√© √©clat for when mine runs out, I adore YSL mascaras and I've never tried the serum so I like the idea of this a lot. 
What are you lusting after this festive season?


  1. I love the gingerbread man jumper!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  2. I love the Mulberry bag, it's just perfect! The Gingerbread man jumper is seriously cute xx

  3. Great list - My friend has that bag and it is just beautiful! Last year I had a lonchamps bag on my wishlist and i got it so i was really happy with that :) Not sure what to ask for this year, i feel like the older i get the harder it is to decide.
    Have a great week, Saida xx


  4. The Topshop kits are really worth it, especially because you get like 3 products for half the price :3 One of the things I have (and has been) on my wishlist is ...a Michael Kors bag. I don't know if Santa will like the idea though...

    Greetings from Barcelona! | nerweenmakeupbag

  5. The topshop kits are so worth it. I also LOVE the gingerbread man jumper! Soooo cute. X

  6. I really want to do one of these wish lists! A Mulberry bag would defiantly be on mine too! Love the Christmas jumper x


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