Cute Little Paperchase Find.

One of my goals for 2012 is to better myself in body and mind and I thought I might as well start from the inside out. So far my eating habits haven't changed significantly, we're eating all the leftover goodies from Christmas in the cupboards, and I am still at home (not at uni) so I can't embark on anything too drastic yet. But I believe in having all the right tools for the job and this is how I ended up looking for a sort of lunchbox/container to store snacks and salad in while I am at work or in lectures.
I ventured into Paperchase yesterday because I absolutely love their amazing stationary and gift ideas from each little collection that they create. My favourite collection at the moment has cute little cupcakes and cake on it and I spotted these wonderfully adorable tubs that I can put snacks into whilst I am out at uni. Just what I was looking for!

 They retail at £7 for four tubs and they're all descend or ascend (however you want to look at it) in size to stack inside each other so you can store them neatly in a kitchen cupboard.
I absolutely love the designs on the lids, the gum drops are so cute and everything has a cheeky little face drawn on. They may be marketed at those of a younger age but I think they're perfect for what I want them to do, and certainly add a little bit of fun into my book bag for uni!

Available from Paperchase here.

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