Portrait of a Day #1

1.Packed for going back to Uni today (see picture above). I really didn't think I had a lot of stuff until I threw it on the bed and had to sort everything out. This is just a small snippet of the contents of my suitcase!
2.Got even more excited about going to Disneyworld by doing lots of research online.
3. Made a shopping list for when I get my loan in on Monday, trying to justify to myself what I really don't need, which relates to yesterday's finds in Exeter (see picture below). Did I really need the JW bath set?! No, but it smells nice and I saved £16 - tehehe.

4. Need to recuse my Buttercup unicorn toy from under my bed, bless her under there all alone!
5. J's arriving tonight to spend my final few days before I go back to uni. I shall miss him :(
6. Watched my bags of stuff for charity being taken away this morning. I love having a good clear out, too lazy to ebay (paypal - no clue how to work this out!) so charity benefits.
7. Eaten more Cadbury's mini rolls today than ever before in my lifetime. Urgh. Roll on healthy living.
8. Wore false eyelashes for the first time in an age just because. I was going to go and pick J up from the station but he said he'd just come here. So I removed falsies. Can't get all dolled up in FCUK lashes just to sit in my room. Beautiful aren't they?
9. Tried on a couple of tops that I was able to fit into this time last year. Used to wear one as a mini dress over leggings - now it resembles more of a crop top #gottashiftsomepounds.
10. I'm supposed to be cooking tonight, I really fancy Spaghetti Bolognaise by J says he doesn't trust my culinary skills (skills here used lightly) and wants to make meatballs out of the mince. Can't cope with fancy food...


  1. love themake up bag/ wash bag with the roses on in the first picture...soo cute :)



    1. Thank-you! It's from Cath Kidston, she does amazing prints! xx

  2. love you've got a pack of uno cards!hahaa:)
    I've always got a huge pile of stuff to take back to uni too :( - not enough wardrobe space!xx

    1. Haha, my brother got me the Winnie the Pooh Uno cards for Christmas I love them!
      Definitely not enough wardrobe or suitcase space! I've almost been back a week and I've only just finished unpacking! xx


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