Room Tour

Clockwise from top left: Bedside table, my desk, chest of drawers with lots of books and shoes, my bed (the view you get when you stand in the doorway).

I thought I'd do a mini room tour of my room in my uni house up here in the North East. It's currently 08:15 and I'm waiting to leave for a mammoth day of lectures, a workshop, and swimming followed by a food shop to Tesco tonight. Uni weeks fly by 'cause I'm so busy, what with attending all my hours of classes, working 2-3 shifts per week and of course catching up with various friends in the city. Sometimes all I want to do is curl up in a ball in bed and watch tripe on 4OD! 
As you can see I'm a pretty much a 'if it's pink I want it' kind of girl. I have the smallest room in the house but I love it, I love my mixture of things I have out on display and of course the all important beauty essentials on my chest of drawers. The furniture came with the house and it's not something I would personally choose but I guess my landlord could have done a lot worse! 

How do you decorate your room? Do you have a theme/colour scheme? Let me know :) 


  1. Your room is so pretty. I love the wooden floor :). I'm in a student flat and my room is so much smaller than yours with a horrible blue carpet. Would much rather have your room! Xx


    1. Aww thank-you! I know student accommodation can be a right pain! I am very lucky to have found my house for next year this morning, and am pleased to say there's no carpet in sight! xx


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