January Update

I was thinking about the types of things I want to be posting on my blog and so far this month I have included new features to Sweet Vanilla Kisses: OOTD, If I Were a Rich Girl etc and I thought I'd just write a little summary of everything I feel that I have achieved in the month, every month. This will make me feel good when I'm down or having a complete confidence crisis whenever those occasions may arise.
  1. I lost weight over Christmas and have maintained the loss. Something of a first for me in a long time. 
  2. I have attended every seminar I am scheduled to attend for uni. 
  3. I have been swimming quite a lot and hopefully will begin to see the payoff soon!
  4. I successfully found myself somewhere to live for next academic year.
  5. I bought a Vinylmation.
  6. I made a start on my summative assignments (albeit a slow one, but a start nonetheless!)
  7. I realised that when I really concentrate I do have sufficient willpower. 
Seven simple things that I feel successful in this month. February, be good to me? 


  1. this is actaully a good idea, makes you realise that you have actually achieved a lot in a month and spurs you on to achieve more..might have to do this as well! xx


    1. Yes, I think it's always a good idea to have a bit of self praise every now and again, spurs me on to make February even better! Let me know if and when you write your post :) xx


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