Haulin' #1

L-R: Black shoes - New Look, £7.99
Rainbow Bikini - Primark, £5 for the top, £3.00 for the bottoms
Collar tipped top - Primark, £6.00
Dotty shoes - Primark £3.00 in the sale
Make-up bag - Primark, £2.00
Pink feather earrings - Primark, £3.00
Hello everyone :-)
Guess who's managed to finally make an appearance after two incredibly busy weeks of packing, storage, unpacking, going home, moving house, going to work, and sleeping! Sorry little blog :'(
I have here a little Primark haul from when I was back in Plymouth, this is not everything mind, I went back to Primark the next day and picked up the top with the collar tips in another colour (I both love and hate Primark for enabling me to buy a nice item in every single colour possible!).
The biggest bargain was the sandals, perfect for my holiday (8 weeks to go) and at £3 down from £6 I couldn't leave them on the shelf could I?! I also adore the fact that Primark have bikini bottoms and tops to purchase separately, like many girls I am most definitely two different sizes on top and bottom so it's refreshing to not have to panic too much about squeezing your chest into a size 14 top when really you need to be a big larger upstairs...

Pretty little collar tips.
In other news, I am all settled in to my new student house, room tour to follow. One of the best features about it is that it comes with a free view TV included in the rent so I can finally watch programmes in real time without worrying about the internet crashing watching iPlayer or 4OD - hurrah!

Have you found any bargains lately? I know there are a lot of sales happening at the moment but I'm trying to be good and save my pennies for America!


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