Seven Successful Things

Hey team!

So I was looking back at recent bloggy posts and realised that I had completely forgotten to do my Seven Successful Things for May or June! If you're new to following me, hello, thank-you and welcome (!), this is a little series that I *will* be doing every month highlighting seven successful (in my opinion) events or moments in my life each month. I feel that too often people look upon themselves in such a negative light in regards to personal appearance, things that they might do at work, at home or in education etc and feel not good enough, like they don't fit into the preconceived mould of perfection. I know I have often, and definitely still do, feel like this, and although I am a perfectionist by nature and constantly want to better myself, I see no reason why we shouldn't all blow our own trumpets every now and again. We don't always have to look down on ourselves, there's too much negativity in the world as it is. So, that being said, I like to think back to the previous month and select seven things to share that have excited me, made me proud to be me or even just made me smile so that if ever I'm feeling rubbish I can look back to the month and say, actually, I achieved a lot. Onwards for June (forgive me, May was a while ago so I'll miss that one out).

  1. I completed all of my exams for my second year at university. This is an achievement in itself because I know of a few people who skipped out on some or opted not to sit them and just resit in the summer.
  2. I got a 2:1 as my overall grade for my second year - whoo!
  3. I bought an iPad as an easier way for me to keep connected to the world when I travel to the USA in September/when I travel to and from Devon to Durham. Naturally I wanted cute cover, see below!
  4. I received my travel tickets for going down to work at the Olympics. If you're down in London between the 5th and the 12th of August and come to eat at the McDonald's in the Olympic Park I might the girl on the till serving you :-)
  5. I got to go home for a few days, which is incredibly rare for me during the summer what with the price of train tickets and having to pay the rent. Love going to see my little family. 
  6. I managed to successfully pack up my room in my old student house and move into my new one. I arrived at uni with 2 suitcases. I now have 11 boxes and 2 suitcases worth of stuff...what even?
  7. I actually bought a bikini in an acceptable size. I haven't bought one in ages, or even managed to believe the mirror made me look ok in it, roll on September when I can wear it to the water parks.

Love my front and back covers, both purchased on eBay,
front was around £6 and the back was £9.99.
Have you done anything exciting/successful lately? If you fancy doing a post like this let me know and link me in it so I can have a peek at what you've been up to :-) 


  1. love your blog..found you on bloggers unite and followed..would really appreciate it if you could support and follow my blog back :)



  2. What a lovely post! I always love having a good nosey at Instagram posts :)

    Just found your blog through the BBU Blog hop, now following! Hope you can check out my blog too?

    Laura xx


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