I'm going to have to get my ark out of hiding in a minute. No seriously, how many days rain has the UK had now? Where I currently am, in County Durham in the North East, has not seen a day's sunshine for weeks! I fear that the floods that forced the animals aboard the wooden vessel will return and force me to forever walk around in my wellies. Which would be ok, apart from the fact that they're a tad uncomfortable around my calves (damn you fat legs!!).

Anyway, I wanted to inject a little bit of pastel spring into my wardrobe today. I might be a bit late with the trend considering it's all now in the sales but I went into the city yesterday after my annual trip to Ikea fell through and bought this gorgeous crochet type top from River Island in the sale for a tenner. I spied it in the Metrocentre in Gateshead a while ago and something made me put it back on the shelf, but alas when it gets £15-£20 knocked off it's price how can I resist?! Due to it's incredibly hole-y nature I have paired it with a simple white cami top from Primark for £2. I simply adore Primark for their selection of affordable simple tops and tees. (*Top Tip* I bought my cami in a massive size because Primark has a knack of making the bigger sizes longer. This means that I can comfortably wearing my long camis over leggings as they cover my behind and there's no need for a skirt. And their cami's are incredibly stretchy so there's no danger of the top being baggy or bunching in the wrong places. So yeah, if you want a longer top, buy big! *Top Tip*)
My leggings are actually a sky blue, more than a grey/blue as the camera has picked up. They're from Topshop and were definitely from the Tall section as they're massive! I'm no short lady (5'8 right here!) but they're so long, but oh so comfortable. I believe they were around the £20 mark.

All I can say is that if the weather stays like this, then pass my my knitwear. Is there any point in teaming a pretty summer dress with tights and a cardi?

Postscript: Here's a cheeky little shot of my latest tattoo poking out :-) It's fully healed now and makes my total tattoo count to 2!


  1. i feel your pain, i live in county durham too and i'm SO desperate to see a bit of sun! hah, oo your tatto looks lovely, i'm still trying to convince myself to look over the pain and get one! :)xo

  2. Ah hello! *waves from my little corner of Durham City*
    Thank-you, that's my latest ink :-) I promised my mother I'd stop soon haha. I would say go for it and get one if you really really want to, the pain is practically nothing, everyone says it's much worse than it is!


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