Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

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Lush is a shop that I always used to bypass in my local shopping centre, mainly due to the overpowering smells that waft out of the door. I always used to wonder how on earth the Lush employees could stand to work in such an environment, until one day I took a chance and decided to peek about. Lucky enough for me my nose got used to the smells and I managed to have a good sniff around, so to speak.

The idea of Lush products as being fresh and handmade is really what sells the brand to us, their customers. For me, one of their biggest selling points, besides their natural approach to cosmetics and beauty, is the fact that they do not test on animals whatsoever, and indeed have sparked many a controversial row of late with their striking and successful ad campaigns (yes, I'm talking about that live window display demonstration!). By the by, they have an impressive range of products for the bath, body, face, hair, and shower and which the recent introduction of their 'Emotional Brilliance' cosmetics range I thought I'd offer my thoughts on their bubblegum flavoured lip scrub.

Made from half naturally occurring ingredients, and half safe synthetics this little pot of neon pink granules is a 'perfectly pink polisher [that] keeps lips in tip top condition and tasting of candy floss' as labelled on the new packaging, and I have to agree entirely. The smell is sweet but not overbearing, the neon pink appeals to the crazy girl inside of me, and the after effects of the treatment on my lips makes them feel so smooth and soft! Due to the main ingredient being a natural castor sugar, this little pot of sugary goodness is entirely safe to consume, simple dip your finger in the jar, put your lips together and rub the granules all over your lips (if you can stand to actually 'scrub' like you would with a body scrub treatment in the shower then it makes your lips even smoother!) and once you're satisfied simply lick it off and ta-da, fabulously smooth, kissable lips!
(The sales lady even told me that if I wanted to just eat all of the product I could, but I think you'd end up feeling funny, so I told her I'd stick to using it for it's intended purpose!)

I like to use my lip scrub before applying lipstick as it creates that perfect smooth base for the colour to stay put, but isn't too harsh so as to draw out moisture. The lip scrub also contains natural jojoba oil to give you a moisture boost without feeling too greasy, so it's a perfect lip colour base for sure.

Priced at £5.25 for a 25g pot you might think that it's a little pricey, but remember that it's all handmade and a lot of the ingredients are natural so I think it's great value for money, especially for the benefits it provides for my lips!

I have to mention that this is currently the only product I own from Lush and while I love it so much I would like to try out other things that I might come to love just the same. So what are your favourite Lush products? Can you recommend any to me?


  1. I really want to try this lip scrub out. I have tried some of lush facial range. I've got a cleanser review on my blog and the toner review is coming soon. Love your blog by the way. I found it through the BBU blog hop. Now following :)


  2. I love this lip scrub although i usually end up just putting it on and licking it back off, tastes yummy!!

    Awesome Blog <3 found you through the BBU blog hop. Followed

    Love. xx


  3. I keep meaning to pick this up! Next time I walk past Lush I will :) Just hope I don't lick it all off my lips!! Found you through the BBU blog hop x


  4. I keep on smelling this in LUSH but never pick it up, I think its the price tag thats holding me back!
    I found your blog via the BBU blog hop and followed, I can't wait to see future posts!

  5. I LOVE this scrub!
    When you mentioned the price it also lasts for absolute ages! I only just started a new pot after having used it for over a year!
    Lush have so so many good products, but I think their bubble bars are amazing if you like bathsand their skincare lines are fantastic too!
    I found you in the BBU Blog Hop :)
    Kirstie x

  6. Yeah Lush Lip scrubs are amazing....you should also try some of their creams....dream cream is amazing!!

    Found you via BBU blog hop

    Come on over for a chat xx

  7. Great blog! I've asked for This for my birthday, hope I get it! Followed you through BBU Blog Hop! Xx

  8. Ive been wanting to try this for ages! Its such a pretty colour too :)
    Found you through BBU bloghop & followed via GFC xox

    My Blog : The Style Khaleesi

  9. First of let me start by saying I love the name of your blog! I found you through blog hop and I am now a new follower. I love this lip scrub it taste so yummy I think sometimes I over do it because then my lips feel sore :P

    anyways if you would like check out my beauty blog at


  10. Ooooh, I want to try this stuff!!! Looks so awesome. Found you thru the BBU hop!


  11. I love LUSH products but never tried one of their lip scrubs.
    Am going tomorrow so will treat myself to this one.
    Found you through BBU's blog hop, am your newest follower!
    Zoe x

  12. I had this lip scrub but it dried out and was really messy when it wasn't! But I still love lush products, their masks are amazing! :D

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  14. I love this lip scrub but no longer purchase it, I realised I can make my own with some sugar and some almond/shea oils! x


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