Cropped Chic // OOTD Feat. New Michael Kors Jet Set Tote

Waahh, this was the best of the blurry worst :/

Look at me coming to your Blogger dash with another OOTD! I still don't have a full length mirror in my new flat so I can't see what I look like half the time, so I think I did well with this ensemble this morning! 

Allow me first of all to introduce you to my new beautiful baby. As I'm due to graduate from Durham the week after next, and as a reward for my hard slog up North I decided to buy myself a little present. Which, naturally, turned into a big present. I'd like you to meet my Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Tote in black, with gold hardware. Isn't it a beauty? I've been eyeing up a Mulberry bag for the longest time, but at £795 it's a little bit like, 'wow, I've just saved up all this money and I'm going to spend the lot on one item?' I still really want one though. So I spent a while eyeing up my dream Mulberry Bayswater in Harvey Nichols and then spotted the Michael Kors stand and fell in love with this bag. At £240 it's not light on the purse either, but for a beautifully crafted real leather bag I think it's a good price. Plus it looks classy and timeless, and I love taking it out and about with me (perfect for hiding my shopping bags in it!). Happy graduation to me!

This outfit is mostly a Topshop creation. I'm really loving the crop top trend that's around at the minute but being a bigger girl I don't feel comfortable to pair one with a little skater skirt and have a section of my tummy on show. I decided to layer this cute crochet knit style crop top over a simple black skater dress (both from Topshop) and throw on a New Look black cardigan over the top (damn rain today!). My necklace was bought for a bargain £3 in the recent Miss Selfridge sale.

To complete my little outfit I opted for a classic bun, cheating using a hair donut I recently bought in Claire's Accessories. I absolutely love this hair style, it's chic and stylish, as well as being practical, and a lot more simple that I thought it would be to create it! I finished off my bun with a cute polka dot bunny eared scrunchie to add a bit of fun. 

So there we go, this is what I'm wearing today as I pop out to town to meet up with my brother. I haven't seen him in a while and he's come to view our new flat :) 

Are you a crop top trend fan? How would you style one? 


  1. Oooo thats one gorgeous bag :) xx

  2. Your bag is so beautiful I could cry! Congrats on graduating though - you definitely deserved a treat :-)

    bec X

  3. Can't stop staring at that bag haha! I'd love it in brown, I'm starting uni in September aaaand it's my birthday at the beginning, so maybe I'll save up and get myself a starting uni/birthday treat :p

    Hannah x

  4. That bag is absolutely stunning! I neeeeeeed to get one of those!!!

    Emma xoxo


    1. It's a beaut isn't it! Highly recommend it :)


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