June's Beauty Lust List

Images borrowed from brand's respective websites and Google.
I'm forever lusting after beauty items I see on shopping trips but don't have the pennies to purchase on that particular day, or that are not on my list of things to buy on that particular shopping trip. I was recently in Harvey Nichols in Cabot's Circus, Bristol. I was happily perusing Space NK (cool that there's one in Harvey Nichols, eh!) and wandered to the Laura Mercier stand. I'd already tried their Tinted Moisturiser in John Lewis in Exeter and knew that I'd fallen in love. And then I smelled the Pistachio body creme, and oh my gosh, heaven in a tub. Serious lust being felt right here!

I'm also still seriously lusting after a Chanel Les Beiges in No20. It seems to be sold out everywhere I look! I had it tried on me when I went to a little Chanel makeover a while ago and it felt so luxurious. Such a gorgeous product. 

My final 3 lusts are relatively new products I've seen on the web and the blogosphere. YSL's Babydoll mascara looks lovely and best of all the brush has plastic bristles so I'm desperate to try it! I love the luxurious look of the mascara tube too. 

Benefit's new primer excites me greatly because, well, it's Benefit and I know I'm bound to adore every product they produce. I imagine it'd pair nicely with my favourite Hello Flawless foundation, not long until the launch! 

Lastly is this fun looking palette by Sleek. I've always thought the Blush By 3 range is an excellent value for money and the sight of these powder blushes pleases me greatly. How pretty are the colours?! I'd love to see them swatched on my pale skin, hoping that they wouldn't be too bright and over power my face...

Do you agree with my choices? What are you lusting after at the moment?


  1. I'm so excited for the new Benefit Primer! Totally buying it as soon as it's out although I bet 100s of bloggers are and it means there will be so many people doing reviews. Boo!

    Amy x cocktailsinteacups.com

  2. I really want the Chanel Les Beiges too! I'm not even a powder fan, but it just sounds so nice. However, I'm even more tempted by the By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Powder, can't justify the price at the mo though!
    I actually blogged about the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser today, it's a really nice, natural pick for summer and leaves skin looking really healthy.
    Mel xx


  3. Sleek blushes are amazing quality x

  4. I want that blush palette too I have the one in Pumpkin and love it they are such good quality and last ages. X

  5. The Sleek palette looks gorgeous! xo

  6. A primer in a stick? WOT? I must try! Also, the Sleek Blush by 3, the particular one you have, looks like it contains a blush shade for every season. They're all so lovely, I think I need it in my life as well! xx

    - Jessica
    The Mod Mermaid

  7. I have also been wanting to try out the new primer by Benefit, it looks great :-)

    Love, Christine♥


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