Recent Empties

When I was back in Durham recently I was cleaning out my room and came across some recent empties that I thought I'd share with you. I love reading empties posts, they're much more insightful than initial thoughts in my opinion because you've been committed and finished the product...with that in mind, onwards!

Boots oval cotton pads - There's no doubt about it that I love these. They're slightly bigger than the standard cotton pads I'm used to and only need one or two to cleanse my face with my micellar water in the morning. They're priced around £1.89 and are currently buy one get one half price.

Tiny Tatty Teddy cotton buds - There's not much to say about these other than for a £1 (I bought them in the pound shop!) they did the right job and were a right bargain!

Lush Snow Fairy - I was so excited to buy this and try it out because it's Lush's most raved about product in the winter months. I've since used it and found myself making myself finish it, the scent because too overbearing. This makes me sad, and perhaps I should try a small bottle this year, or buy the lip butter...

Sugar Crush Body Scrub - I absolutely love this, and I've since gone on to repurchase. It scrubs your skin in an effective but gentle way and leaves in feeling incredibly soft and smooth. I'm in love <3

Lancome Toner - I'm so happy I discovered some of Lancome's skincare. I often overlook the fact that major makeup brands come accompanied by a skincare line, and Lancome's is spectacular in my opinion. I loved this toner, it was refreshing and removed excess debris from my face well. Definite repurchase. 

Elemis Fresh Skin Face Wash - This little tube was a delight to use but it wasn't anything special in my opinion. It did make my skin feel fresh and clean, but won't be replacing my other favourite face washes. 

Revlon Grow Luscious mascara - I bought this as a waterproof mascara to take with me when I went to Florida last September. It worked superbly as a waterproof mascara and, I don't know if it was a placebo effect or if it actually happened, but I actually thought my lashes grew. My only qualm was that the brush did not have plastic bristles so it was a little clumpy, but overall a good mascara.

Dermalogica Heating Mask - To get right to the point I didn't enjoy this at all, it was the first self heating mask I've used and I didn't like the effect on my face, am I the only one? Definitely not repurchasing. 

Nivea Gentle Exfoliating Scrub - To be honest this bored me. When I look for a face scrub I want a good 'scrub' so to speak. This didn't 'scrub' enough for me and I was excited for the tube to end. Not planning on repurchasing.

Lancome Cleanser - I loved this cleanser, it was light and refreshing on my skin and removed excess dirt and dust well. I would repurchase. 

Lancome Bi-Facial Remover - I absolutely loved this product and I'm so glad I found it. I'll be purchasing a full sized version very soon so expect to see a full detailed review. 

Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream - I'm always harping on about how much I love Benefit's skincare. I'm still yet to see any dramatic results with this eye cream but it's refreshing and feels nice on the skin. I'd repurchase, but only in the £10 trial set, I don't think I'd want a bit pot. 

Prada Candy - Mmmm this is delicious. I was actually quite sad when it came to the last few spritzes and it ran out :( I love sweet smelling perfumes and this is as sweet as it might get with notes of caramel - yummy! I'll definitely repurchase eventually. 

So that's what I've used up lately. 
Have you tried any of the above products? 


  1. Love, love, love Sugar crush x

  2. I love the sugar scrub, its amazing! I also really love anything in snow fairy from lush! But strong scents don tend to bother me if its one i like...i had a bubble wand in snow fairy that wasnt as overpowering :)

  3. love the scent of sugar crush by soap and glory. I really like snow fairy, I still have around half of a big bottle left and I'm hoping I'll ration it until Christmas! haha. x


  4. Prada Candy is on my wishlist, heard so many wonderful things about it :-)

    Love, Christine♥


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