Review // Look Beauty Lip Smoothie

Ever since my Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub ran out I've been looking for something to replace it as there isn't a Lush store near my house. I was having a peruse in Superdrug the other day and spotted the Look beauty stand, a brand I'm not too familiar with. I was super excited to spot this little product on the shelf, the Love Your Lips Lip Smoothie, priced at £5 (although Look Beauty is currently having  a lip sale and it's on offer for £4).

On first impression I'm suitably impressed and it does what I would suppose it would set out to do. It scrubs my lips without being too harsh and stripping them of moisture, as the crystals are not too rough or large, and leaves them feeling soft and somewhat rejuvenated. It is however quite a runny or watery consistency, unlike the Lush lip scrub, and in the beginning I wasn't sure if I was actually buffing my lips or just applying some kind of gel to them. It also has no flavour or scent and I had to resist the urge of just licking it off when I was finished (this is why I love the bubblegum scrub!) because I didn't know if it was safe to do that! 

The packaging's also great because the applicator is shaped to sit nicely on your lips, like some tube lip glosses you see, and you don't have to scoop the product out of a pot with your fingers, instead you can apply it straight onto your mouth. This appeals to the neat freak inside of me, although I'm also a bit disappointed it has no smell or flavour.

Overall this is a lovely little product and it buffs your lips nicely without feeling too rough. It might not have the razz-ma-tazz of a Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub (think pink, sparkle, smelling like candy floss) but it does the job perfectly. I'd definitely recommend it!

Do you use a lip scrub? Have you tried this or one by Lush?


  1. I love the lip scrub from lush, its my favorite, I like the look of this too so might have to pick it up and try it soon xx


  2. Great post!

    I don't use lip scrubs, I was thinking of purchasing the Bodyshop Lipscuff but may have to look for this on my next shopping trip as it looks really good & its a cheaper option.

    Shanaz @ La Belle Aventure

  3. Love that this comes in a tube, so much more hygienic that some! I use a soft toothbrush or a flannel for my lips :)

    Charlotte - Blotandreapply.blogspot.com xx


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