Avene Eau Thermale - Thermal Spring Water

This review might seem a little out of sorts considering we're in the middle of winter in the UK and feeling the effects of heat are not really commonplace at the moment, so there's not much need for products intended for use during the summer. However, I recently discovered that my local Boots was beginning to stock more of the famous French skincare brands that so often feature on many of my well loved blogs and went up to the stand for a nosey.

Despite initially wanting to repurchase a micellar water as my Bioderma had run out, I was drawn to Avene's Thermal Spring Water for a neat little price of £3.15 for 50ml (or £6.50 for 150ml). I had been told my a MAC MUA earlier in the morning that in order to inject a little moisture into my skin throughout the day I should use a spritzing spray type product underneath my moisturiser. That way I'd have an extra layer of moisture to help combat dry skin in the winter, and it would also be able to help cool and freshen my skin in the summer months. With this reason in mind I picked up the Avene spray because of it's multi purpose properties. Not only does is set out to cool and refresh skin in hotter climes, it also provides relief for skin from sunburn, redness, irritation, razor burn, or other medical treatments and can help complete a cleansing phase of a skincare routine or even set makeup. You can use it whilst travelling, at the gym, after vigorous housework, anywhere really.

It dispenses from a pressurised canister in a fine, light mist and settles lovely on the skin making you instantly feel refreshed. So far I have been using this every night underneath my moisturiser and wake up the next morning with significantly less dryness that usual which makes me incredibly happy! I have a lot of love for this product, and will definitely be purchasing the full size 150ml to have sitting at home while my mini 50ml earns its place in my handbag!

Do you have dry skin?
How do you combat it?
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  1. Ooh great review, this sounds like a fab little product. I've been looking for a little spray like this for ages so I'll definitely pop into Boots for one! x

    1. Thank-you :) Definitely this one, Benefit do a face mist too but it's a little more expensive.

  2. I use a lot of the Avene products when I'm on holiday, great sun protection for sensitive skin Xx


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