Soap & Glory - Love At First Blush

With all of the hype surrounding last week's star offer in Boots, Soap & Glory has become one of the leading brands in girls' bathrooms and on beauty shelves across the world. I was lucky enough to score one of the big reduced sets as part of my Christmas gifts from my boyfriend and immediately turned my attention to the mascara, which I have previously owned and reviewed here. I remembered that I wasn't too keen on the mascara initially, but knew that Soap & Glory have many other fabulous make-up products on offer and dug out this little beauty from my at-home-but-not-uni-home make-up kit.

Love At First Blush is a gorgeous multi colour wheel of pigment that blends together perfectly to give you a beautiful pearly sheen of pale pink on the cheeks. It's such a fine colour, and although quite pigmented, the colour is so sheer on the cheeks that it needs to be built up if you're the kind of girl that likes everyone to notice you're wearing blusher. If not, a light dusting of this will give you a perfect colour too. I like the combination of pink hues and white with this blush. It reminds me of the way that Benefit often have blush boxes that you mix together to create a perfect cheek colour, each could even be worn as a standalone (providing you can find a decent brush that's small enough!).

The packaging, as with all Soap & Glory make-up products is a little clunky for me. This was one of the reasons why I was put off this Christmas make-up sets available in Boots. I do however like the addition of the mirror in the lid, perfect for on the go touch ups. The price is in keeping with the rest of the Soap & Glory products, a little bit more expensive that other brands, at £11.00 for 7.5g but if you're into your sheer baby pink colours and are a bit of a Soap & Glory fanatic like I am then this will be a lovely little addition to your make-up bag!

Have you tried the Soap & Glory cosmetics range?
What's your favourite product by the brand?

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  1. this is gorgeous ! x

  2. I've never tried soap and glory cosmetics but this looks lovely x

  3. Ooh I love Soap and Glory make-up! I've been using the Glow All Out face powder and I absolutely love it. This looks beautiful :)

  4. I love Soap and Glory products and this looks great.

  5. i haven't tried soap & glory yet. i'm a bit fed up as it's all i keep reading about on blogs recently. but i'm sure i'll give in to the hype soon ;)


  6. Looks gorgeous! I really want to try some of the soap and glory cosmetic products Xx

  7. Soap and glory products look so lovely, the packaging is really cute and girly. I quite fancy this bronzer but worried it might be too shimmery... I have acne scars on my cheeks at the exact bit your bronzer goes so i have to be careful! I think ill go check this out!

    If you fancy something new to read i just started blogging a week ago at missbeautybits.blogspot.co.uk id love you to take a look xxx


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